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No matter how much they know about weed, many weed consumers may still make mistakes when storing their buds. The thing is, properly stored weed will prevent moisture and mold from ruining your stash. This will further help preserve the quality, taste, and potency, as well as the lifespan of your cannabis.

Although cannabis doesn’t have an expiration date, it doesn’t mean you should leave it without protecting it from harmful elements. It is important to take care of your weed, whether you need it for long-term storage or short-term storage. 

Here are some tips to help you get the best out of your stash.

Use proper weed storage

You can store cannabis in a glass jar, or in a dark, airtight container that is used for food storage. It’s important to know how to keep weed fresh when buying in larger quantities. These containers are very useful as they can protect your buds from moisture and airflow and will keep them fresh for up to a year.

There are also special weed stash boxes that you can use to store your cannabis. These boxes come in various sizes and styles, all of which have a practical design that allows for proper storage of your weed. They can be used to balance the humidity and preserve the freshness and flavor of your buds. They are usually made of wood and include glass cups to keep the weed organized. This makes storage more fashionable and protects your stash from possible quality decline.

Keep it in a dark and cool place

As a beginner, you may not know this, but high temperatures can cause your weed to dry out. This can easily result in a loss of flavor, which will ultimately affect your smoking experience. Your weed’s overall quality can additionally be decreased if it is exposed to direct sunlight which can further cause a reduction in the THC levels.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t store your cannabis at a low temperature either because it can freeze or remove the humidity it needs to preserve its quality.

So, remember to always keep your weed at room temperature and in a dark place like a drawer, away from the harmful rays of the sun, so you can keep it fresh at all times.

Make sure your weed storage is clean

Your weed storage should always remain clean, no matter if you use weed boxes, glass jars, or airtight containers. Any dirt or dust that could contain moisture, bacteria, mold, or other microbes should be immediately removed. This can lead to germs which can be a problem as they can spread faster and cause more weed contamination.

So, it is important that you clean the weed containers you plan to store your cannabis in on a regular basis. Some approaches you can take to clean your storage include using Isopropyl Alcohol (ISO), putting the container in a dishwasher, and hot rock salt water to clean any excessive buildup.

In addition, be careful when taking your weed out from the storage to prevent any potential contamination.

Bonus tip: Store your joints properly

You can store the joints, or any pre-rolls, in a similar way to how you store your weed buds. To preserve the cannabinoids and prevent moisture, keep the joints cool and dry in a dark place. You should also finish your new strain within the next 30 days to prevent it from drying out and losing its flavor.

To ensure your joints last longer and remain in good health, consider storing them in a cigarette packet. This will allow for proper airflow between the joints. It will also help you maintain humidity balance and make them ready for use at any time.

Final thoughts

If you are new to cannabis, your first step is to learn how to store it properly to keep its quality at the highest level. Properly stored weed means using special storage items, like glass jars, airtight containers or weed boxes to prevent drying out and maintain the weed’s freshness.

Keep in mind to always put the weed storage items in dark and cool places to maintain the weed’s lifespan. Also, make sure the storage items are clean and sterilized because dirt and bacteria can affect your overall smoking experience and even directly affect your health.

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