Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

We have some lucrative updates for those looking for ONE, CVR, NEAR, SUSHI, 1INCH, AXS, ATOM, XTZ, and LRC. B2Broker, one of the top liquidity providers in the marketplace, expands its cryptocurrency offering, adding the tokens mentioned above. The new addition comes as the platform responds to increasing demand for new digital coins. 

The changes also saw B2Broker deepening the liquidity pool for cryptos on its platform. That led to better spreads under $0.4 on ETH-USD and $3 on BTC-USD, plus deep order books. Remember, the network promises to fulfill all needs of traders. B2Broker boasts itself of the leading CFD liquidity offering in the crypto market. 

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy crypto CFD provider, you can consider B2Broker. Here is why the platform can fit your undertakings. 

Continues Addition of New Pairs 

With more than 124 unique pairs at the moment, B2Broker is the market’s leading cryptocurrency CFD liquidity supplier. Moreover, the platform aims to extend the list to more than 150 symbols before the 2022-end. Some liquidity consumers include crypto exchanges, brokers, and several entities. 

Advanced Marksman and OneZero Solutions 

B2Broker uses the Marksman Hub and PMX/OneZero solutions to distribute crypto CFD liquidity. Customers can use FIX API, hub-to-hub connection, or an MT4/5 Gateway/Bridge for server access.

Top-Notch Trading Experience

B2Broker ensures an enhanced trading experience with Marksman and OneZero. Marksman hub can handle over 100 order book stages per leg. Users can take advantage of the Marksman to stream the pricing of their margin cryptocurrency exchange into their custom development network. Furthermore, enthusiasts can utilize OneZero for executions and Marksman as an avenue to stream prices. 

Modest Margin Requirements 

B2Broker supports retail and institutional brokers and guarantees the most modest margin requirement in the crypto CFD industry. For instance, BTC/USD’s margin requirements stand at 10%. 

Dependable and Fast Execution

B2Broker has LD4 and other leading data centers hosting its execution engines, translating to reliable and swift executions. 

24/7 Client Support in Multiple Languages

You can reach out to B2Broker support teams at any hour throughout the week. Moreover, the platform supports ten languages: Spanish, English, Hindi, and Russian. Urdu, Farsi, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, and Arabic. Also, B2Broker promises to solve any of your issues asap, guaranteeing resolutions within 24 hours. 

Comfort Navigation 

B2Broker’s product ecosystem allows users to traverse their business undertakings with ease. It adjusted the position control and funds management process to ensure a user-friendly environment that satisfies all practical demands. 

Prime of Prime Model

B2Broker works wholly on the Prime of Prime (PoP) model as it tries to prevent conflicts of interest. What’s PoP? A PoP broker has an account with a tier-one bank and allows retail brokers to trade via the account. That way, retail brokers may access the tier-one bank’s liquidity. Direct tier one bank and its liquidity access is challenging for small firms and individuals. Meanwhile, Pop bridges this gap, providing access to smaller players. 

Multiple Liquidity Options 

Besides cryptocurrency liquidity, B2Broker provides liquidity for single stocks (803 pairs), Metals (13 pairings), CFDs on Commodities & Indices (16 pairings), and FX (103 pairs) via one margin account. The platform guarantees access to more than 1000 trading products with industry tightest spreads, competitive margin requirements, and institutional liquidity, translating to the best outcomes in the marketplace. 

B2Broker works to improve its services to make your investment experience to another level. The best thing is that you can contact their support for more information. 

About B2Broker

B2Broker is a Forex and crypto liquidity and tech solutions provider. The group of firms focuses on providing B2B products and services to a widened spectrum of customers, including licensed crypto brokers and exchanges, professional money managers, Forex brokers, and hedge and crypto funds. 

The platform has seven licenses to date, including:

  • Cyprus SEC: Investment Services Provision
  • UK’s FCA: AEMI provider
  • Mauritius’ FSC: Investment Dealer
  • Finance Ministry of Estonia: Virtual Currency Service provider

Also, the platform has offices in 9 nations, including Cyprus (Limassol), Estonia (Tallinn), the UK (London), China (Hong Kong), and UAE (Dubai). 

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