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Axis Studios Animation is one of the leading forces in the world of 3D animation. With a team of highly skilled animators, we can bring your characters and stories to life in a way that is both realistic and captivating. We have worked on various projects, from video games to feature films, and our goal is always to push the boundaries of what is possible. If you want an animation studio to help you bring your vision to life, then Axis is the studio for you.


The studio has a rich history of producing award-winning and innovative animated content for both the big and small screens.

From feature films to commercials, Axis Studios’ team of passionate artists and storytellers has helped bring some of the most iconic characters and worlds to life.

What Software Does Axis Studios Use?

Axis Studios uses various software to create animations, including Autodesk Maya, Pixar’s Renderman, and Adobe After Effects. Each software has unique capabilities that allow the artists at Axis to create the stunning visuals that have become synonymous with the studio.

Maya is used for most of Axis’s 3D modeling and animation, while Renderman is used for the studio’s special effects after Effects for compositing and post-production work.

The artists at Axis are masters of their craft, and it is thanks to the powerful software they use they can create such incredible animations.

Types of Animated Movies that Axis can Do

In Axis Studio, we have many different types of animated movies. Some are feature-length, some are shorts, and some are television shows or animations. The company is capable of handling various genre. Whatever type of animation videos or videos you need, all you have to do is to contact then and schedule a meeting. You can communicate to them your expectation so that they can provide you a reasonable quote. They work hard without sacrificing quality and creativity. You will get a high quality video or animation that you can be proud of to showcase to the world. 

What Is Axis Studio Come From

Axis Studio is a 3D animation software company that is capable of delivering quality and creative animation. The company has a team of experienced 3D animators who have worked on various projects, including feature films, video games, and commercials. Axis Studio is committed to providing high-quality 3D animation software that is easy to use and affordable.

Axis Studios is an animation studio specializing in producing computer-animated television series, feature films, commercials, and music videos. The studio was founded collectively by a group of animators who wanted to create a studio where they would have complete creative control. 

In conclusion, AXIS Studios Animation is an animation studio based in Hong Kong. AXIS Studios Animation was commissioned to animate blockbuster movies. While AXIS Studios Animation is not new to animation, it is capable to deliver quality services that you will be happy about. Feel free to contact them now and let them know about your idea and needed animation services.

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