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When the bundle of joy arrives, it is time to pamper them with the best that there is for them. You have several options to consider, from clothing such as t-shirts, baby sleepsuits, cute dresses and shoes, to bedding, personal care items and toys. Your choice of any one of them is dependent on factors such as parent preferences, the gender of the child, your choice and budget. We have put together a list of some of the options that you can consider the next time you go shopping for baby gifts.

A Child’s Personalized Play Gym

Keep the baby active and happy by buying them their own personal play gym. Go for an age-appropriate gym equipment so that you ensure that the child gets items that may not harm them. For children under the age of three, the gym may include a mirror, a battling ring, a mirror and a teether.

By keeping the child playing all the time, it helps improve their motor skills, ensures that they stay calm and enhances the quality of their sleep. You can always add new play items to the gym when the kids get older.

A Convertible Car Seat

This is more of a gift to the parents than the infant, but it also offers a convenient way for the babies to travel. Go for a car seat that can grow with the child due to features such as the ability to adjust various features of the seat.

Such a seat should be able to handle up to 40 pounds of weight. Consider one that can rotate so that it is easy to set it up in place and put the child in place.

A Sleep Set

Baby sleepsuits, unlike conventional clothing, are made from soft materials, are comfortable and absorbent, to enable the child to sleep comfortably while protecting them from the cold should they uncover themselves at night. Go for high quality materials for the sleep suit, such as organic cotton, bamboo and a few warm but soft blends.

In addition, you may choose from different colours and patterns that will excite both the mother and child. Ensure that the sleepsuit is of the right size so that it is not too tight and not too buggy.

Baby Skincare Bundle

The baby’s delicate skin requires proper care to ensure that it remains smooth, supple and vibrant. Introduce them to a good skincare routine by buying a full baby care bundle. Choose reputable brands that make products specifically for children.

If the child you intend to gift has a skin condition, please check if any of the products could interact with the skin before making a purchase. Your collection should include such items such as a baby wash or shampoo, cream to deal with diaper rash, body lotion and massage oil.

A Set of Onesies

Onesies are some of the most popular pieces of clothing. They enable parents to ensure that the diaper is in place while covering the upper part of the body with ease. No mother has enough of them, especially during summer. Therefore, a set of a half dozen would be a great gift for them.Go for soft materials such as bamboo, organic cotton and some of their blends. You may go plain or pick floral prints or other choices.

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