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When we say fleets, all that we can picture is trucks or rail compartments carrying goods all the way. But are that all that fleets refer to? Do small fleets exist? 

Yes, they do exist. 

Fleets are operating with one vehicle to N number of vehicles depending on the company and goods size.

Big and small-sized companies use small and medium fleets when in need to optimize fuel consumption, elevate quicker deliveries, and promise the same efficiency. 

Smaller fleets promise rewards, sometimes more extensive than expected – when followed by suitable fleet management systems. Telematics has empowered the fleet managing sector with artificial intelligence to monitor and regulate the fleets and their performances. 

The option for lesser investment and more significant savings guarantee a faster return of investment in small fleets.

Is it possible to monitor a small fleet? 

Monitoring a Fleet of any size will help reduce emergency casualties, promise better efficiency, and keep the fleet drivers at bay, avoiding unnecessary mistakes. 

Watching and warning the drivers in real-time keeps them alert and avoids any distractions while driving. This feature enables the fleet managers to deliver the fleets on time every time. 

Monitoring smaller fleets can be a little difficult considering the asset utilization, freight costs, maintenance of the vehicles, and the fluctuation in fuel costs. 

AI-powered dashcams can increase the fleet’s profitability, save time, moderate expenses, keep your drivers feel safe, and reduce driver retention. 

In addition, the option to customize the dashboard further helps the small fleet organizers efficiently monitor and optimize their business operations. 

What can AI-powered Dashcams do? 

AI-Powered Dashcams help the fleet management systems in both ways – To the drivers and the fleet managers. 

Dashcams trucks can help the drivers be assisted with multiple services like 360-degree cameras, night vision, fuel management system, route selection, and inbuilt GPS devices that will make navigation easier for the drivers. 

Fleet owners can install AI-Powered dashcams in any type of vehicle. Small fleet organizers also install dashcams in cars for delivery trips. 

These technology-empowered devices help the fleet managers to monitor the fleet and the driver in real-time, rate their driving, check the vehicle’s speed, or if they are rash driving. 

The dashcams send reports to the fleet managers making their jobs easier. They can keep track of the product deliveries without stress. In addition, the fleet management systems provide flexibility to customize, making business easier for organizations. 

Artificial Intelligence helps in route planning and optimization by analyzing the types of roads, traffic patterns in lanes, number of pit stops, junctions, and depots along the way, and delivery times. 

In addition, installing dashcams in those vehicles will empower the drivers to make use of the assets. 

Instead of depending on paper maps and radio broadcasts for the driving conditions, drivers can get help from the dashcams in trucks, as they are enabled with a live GPS vehicle tracking facility. 

The fleet managers can constantly check for distractions, yawning, rash driving, and slower reactions in drivers through the dashcams and warn them to drive attentively. Drivers will also be attentive and avoid smartphone distractions while at work. 

The organization’s performance heavily relies on drivers and their ability to deliver every fleet safely. Monitoring them through dashcams will keep both the drivers and the other vehicles on the road safe, saving lives. 

Installing dashcams in any type of fleet also acts as a liability to any wrong accusations placed in the name of truck drivers at unexpected accidents. It significantly reduces the insurance premiums that the company has to bear. 

Minimizing the risk using telematics in the fleets can help the insurers know and act swiftly when to fight or negotiate. 

Who uses smaller fleets?  

Surveys state that small businesses prefer smaller fleets like cars, vans, and smaller trucks to deliver their consignments. 

Many companies prefer leasing their fleet vehicles/ taking outsourced fleet vehicles to avoid fleet maintenance costs. Especially smaller companies have a lesser number of employees taking care of the overall responsibilities. 

Hence, fleet managers might have to look into every single aspect of the organization’s work. 

Installing technology-empowered dashcams in such organizations’ fleets will save them a lot of time and tension. In addition, organizations using video telematics empower safe driving, lessening frequent collisions and the unwanted associated costs it brings to the insurers. 

Uses of incorporating AI-powered dashcams in smaller fleets:

Incorporating Telematics in smaller fleets by making them use the AI-powered dashcams have benefits like 

  • Better transparency of fleet operations, 
  • Efficient Fuel usage,
  • Reduction of waste,
  • Optimized vehicle usage,
  • Reduced Idling time, and
  • Promise Driver safety.

Through the integrated features, monitoring small fleets can be done by anyone in the organization rather than depending on fleet managers alone. With smaller fleets, the investment required can be lesser in comparison.

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