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BonoLoto is known as a game of chance, the subsidiary of “Primitiva“, which falls under the Spanish Loteria Nacional. It was launched back on 28th February 1988, and it’s currently one of the most successful and popular lotteries in Spain. The Bonolotto lottery ticket price is not that high, and it might cost you around INR 2.40. Along with that, this lottery is also regulated by the Loterias y Apuestas del Estado. BonoLoto is also a part of a group of lotteries, which draws every day of the week. 

BonoLotto Lottery: The Reason Behind its Popularity!

One of the biggest reasons why this lottery is popular because:

  • All the draws occur six days every week. 
  • The jackpot begins at an affordable amount
  • They get to roll over when no one wins the lottery. 

Although BonoLoto is not as popular as Mega Millions or SuperEnalotto, it offers players a lot of enjoyment. They can also get to win a massive amount if they play properly.

What are the rules of the BonoLoto lottery?

There is a set of rules and regulations that you check right before you play the lottery. According to the rules, the player has to pick six numbers from a grid of 49, and he/she can make multiple or single bets. To place multiple bets, the 1st column will get used by marking over 7 numbers up to 11. To help you have a good understanding, here is an example:

  • Multiple bets of 7 numbers = 7 Bets. 
  • Multiple bets of 8 numbers = 28 Bets. 
  • Multiple bets of 9 numbers = 84 Bets.
  • Multiple bets of 10 numbers = 210 Bets.
  • Multiple bets of 11 numbers = 462 Bets.

How Much Will You Win Through BonoLoto?

Even though the Bonoloto lottery ticket price is not that huge, the pretty huge thing is the amount you can win by playing this particular lottery. Once you know how to play the BonoLoto lottery, you can easily win £400,000, 35 million in Indian currency. But if no one gets to win, the amount will get added to the payout pool of the next drawing automatically. The coolest part about this particular lottery is that its awards are paid in the form of a massive sum. 

Where to play the BonoLoto lottery?

When you have decided to play the BonoLoto lottery, make sure you research it and learn about the various sites where it’s available. Before you opt for any site online, take a look at whether or not it’s licensed and does it offers any other type of casino game or not. You can also ask your co-workers, family members or friends who have some knowledge or understanding about lotteries. They can surely point you towards the most reliable and trusted site. 

Final Thoughts 

There are many types of lotteries available in the market these days. Each of them is different from the other and comes with its own rules. Lotteries, such as the BonoLoto, have gained plenty of recognition in the UK and countries like India. It’s pretty simple to play, and you need to go through its rules and regulations before conducting your wagering activities. 

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