Are Smartwatches really worth it?

Are Smartwatches really worth it?

October 13, 2020 0 By Anonymus

In today’s day and age, more times than not we use technology to solve problems, for convenience and to maintain connections. Smartwatches are somewhat similar to the whole technology issue. They are really convenient, let you keep an eye on notifications, your health and prove to be quite functional. The sad part is that smartwatches can be extremely expensive for the features they provide.

Technology has advanced so rapidly in the last few years that we really haven’t been able to be fully aware of the improvements. When folk rag on smartwatches for being pricey, luxury items that fail to provide as much effectiveness for the price they ask, I often tend to bring forth the smartwatches that provide quite a bit, at the same time as being completely reasonable. 

You cannot consider smartwatches as normal tech. They are niche devices that cater directly to your needs. For example, maybe a manager or a CEO might make use of a smartwatch that lets them manage their notifications or calls and messages. While on the other hand, an athlete might use a fitness tracker that lets them manage their sleep cycles, eating patterns and exercise intensity. The things you can do with a smartwatch are endless, you simply need to understand what you need from your smartwatch.

To answer the question, yes, yes smartwatches are really worth it, but you might want to invest in something that actually helps you get somewhere, a device that works for you, tailored to your needs.

Types of Smartwatches 

Majorly there are three kinds of smartwatches. The first one being a fitness tracker that lets you analyse your health and other aspects of your physical form. The other is more or less a small, handy mobile phone that lets you manage calls, notifications, messages and even works as a music player. The last kind, and something that I consider the pinnacle of technology is the watch that provides you the functionality of both the other two in a device that surpasses either of their effectiveness. A smartwatch that lets you manage notifications as well as check up on your heartbeat. A watch that calculates the amount of exercise you have committed to and plays you music while you are at it. 

The issue with such an advanced device is that they can cost a lot of money. Rightfully so given the features you receive. You can find a good-few devices that allow you this wealth of features. Fossil is known to make incredible smartwatches too. They however can be a little expensive. If you are on a budget and looking for a device that allows you to take full control of its functionality, we suggest you read review of OshenWatch Luxe here. It is one of the better, well-built smartwatches that do not fail to provide either in terms of functionality or in terms of build and quality.

Pros and Cons of Smartwatches

When it comes to advantages and disadvantages, smartwatches ride quite the line. There are in fact, advantages of using the device, as well as times it might not perform at all. 

The advantages of a smartwatch include-

  1. Notification alerts – You get the ability to talk to friends and family and manage notifications on the go. You might end up using your phone lesser and lesser as you start getting used to your smartwatch. You can easily sync your watch, phone and computer for seamless connectivity as well.
  2. Multi-faceted – The device provides you multiple features. Like in the OshenWatch we mentioned, smartwatches can provide you a lot when it comes to features. It is not just a simple watch that tells you the time but also can provide much needed ease of communication.
  3. Design and functionality – Some folk also get smartwatches because some of them look incredibly stylish. That when coupled with high levels of functionality, you have a device that can be used at a variety of different places for a variety of different occasions. 

The disadvantages of a smartwatch are also quite present as well. Some of which include –

  1. They can be really expensive
  2. They also break easily, and the cost of repair might end up being the same as the purchase price
  3. They are also quite fiddly. Meaning you need to understand how it works before you can start using it to its maximum capacity.

To Conclude

Finally, smartwatches certainly do have incredible features to offer, and to those who need it, a smartwatch can actually provide a lot in terms of functionality. The only issue with a smartwatch is its novelty price. I believe you can find products that provide features but ask not a high price, but that might take some research on your part.

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