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Getting a fancy shape diamonds can give you advantages, especially on the rocking, round diamonds are the most preferred and popular diamond shape but they are too pricey. So most people would consider fancy shape diamonds, there are fancy shapes that top that list and including cushion, princess, oval, and pear shapes. A 7-carat pear-shaped diamond for sale in Dallas can be a good option if you want a stunning diamond. 

What is the Perfect Pear Shape Diamond?

The pear shape diamond should have a standard dimension to be called perfect. The recommended length-to-width ratio for a pear-shaped diamond is 1.40 to1.70, however, you can still make preferences, especially if you will be using them in different jewelry. For instance, pear-shaped diamonds that are narrow can be perfect for dangling earrings while wide ones can be good for rings. The perfect cut for a pear-shaped diamond should be characterized by 53%-63% table, 58%-62% depth, very thin to slightly think girdle, and there should be no culet. 

How Big Should a Pear-Shaped Diamond Be?

The bigger the carat the better however make sure to stick to the length-to-width ratio which is 1.40 to1.70 to be able to get the right appearance of the pear-shaped diamond. The budget for bigger carats however will have to be bigger too. 

Are Pear Shape Diamonds More Expensive?

The price of a 1-carat pear-shaped diamond can range from $1,432 to $14,382 depending on its properties and grading. So better have a list of the feature you are looking for in a pear-shaped diamond so you can prepare a budget for it and consider sticking to it. The price of a pear-shaped diamond is lesser than 25% of that of a round brilliant diamond. 

Advantages of Pear-Shaped Diamond

They Appear Bigger

The shape of the pear-shaped diamonds makes sit appear bigger which means getting a smaller carat weight is not an issue since the stone will look bigger than its actual size. This can save you from buying a higher carat of diamonds and spending lesser and yet get a diamond that looks bigger. 

They Can Be Unique

Everyone wants to wear a round diamond and the shape is already common. If you want to stand out then opt for a pear-shaped diamond and feel unique as you wear them. The pointed end can make your finger appear longer if you plan to have a pear-shaped diamond ring. 

They are Worn By Celebrities

Wearing a shape that is popular among celebrities can make you more confident since the fact that you are wearing something trendy can help you boost your self-esteem. Pear-shaped diamonds are showcased by many popular people including Cardi B. and Ariana Grande. 

They are More Affordable

Pear-shaped diamonds are more affordable than round diamonds and yet they are still popular. Therefore they can be a perfect alternative for round diamonds. Imagine being able to save 25% or more when you opt for pear-shaped diamonds. 

Less Visible Inclusions

With the pear shape of the diamond, the inclusion can be tucked away, especially on its pointed end. Inclusions that are visible can be hidden when the diamond’s shape is pear due to its structure. This means you can get a lower clarity grade and don’t have to worry about its inclusions. Inclusions are natural for diamonds getting diamonds without inclusion is rare and they can be pricey so considering diamonds with lesser and not visible inclusions can still be a good choice. 

They Can Be Perfect For Any Jewelry

The pear shaped diamonds can be good for earrings, rings, and necklaces since their shape is versatile. It can be good for whatever jewelry you decide to have and can even match any fashion statement you want to come up with. 

Choosing a pear-shaped diamond can give you an advantageous so stick to your choice and find the perfect diamond dealer to get the best deal. Be prepared by getting familiar with the 4cs of the diamond so you can be in the same boat as your diamond dealer once you start the negotiation. This way you can get the most affordable and yet good quality diamond so you can get your money’s worth. 

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