Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Free stuff is always irresistible and provides assurance to the recipients. In the online gaming industry, it’s no secret why players love free bonus because it allows them to play their favourite games without depositing. The No Deposit bonuses are the most demanded in the iGaming sites and every player wishes to register at the casinos that provide these lucrative offers. When they receive a free 10 pound no deposit, they may hesitate because this freebie is over-promising so they wonder whether the free money is cashable or not. However, some gaming websites may try to seduce customers by making false promises regarding the No deposit bonuses they provide. The question here is, are these free bonuses worth it?

Feels Like a Scam

The common bonus available in the iGaming industry is the Deposit bonus, and the size depends on the casino you’ve registered. Some online gaming platforms also offer No deposit or Free cash bonuses to welcome their new players. These offers have become popular over the last few years, and the sites that offer more interesting bonuses are always attractive. This sounds great on the surface but you will be surprised to learn that these freebies are always combined with the so-called wagering requirements. In other words, the No deposit offers feel like a scam because you need to give more in order to receive a small amount of bonus. For example, you are promised to win a Free cash bonus of 10£ with a wagering requirement of 50x. This means that you must bet your bonus amount 50 times before you are allowed to withdraw 10£.

Odds are minimal

The free cash offer seems simple because once your registration is confirmed, you can claim your bonus, and get it. Nevertheless, be careful not to fall into the trap because the games feature minimal odds. A house edge or odds advantage means a percentage that permits gaming sites to know the loss rate of the player on their initial bet. As an example, if you play a game with a house edge of around 0.28% for every 100£ bet you make, you are expected to lose 28%. This means that the higher the percentage, the bigger the advantage for the site. Each game has its own house edge so you need to play the game with the best house edge to maximise your chance of winning. Consider also understanding the casinos’ terms and conditions that offer a No deposit bonus because they usually come with minimum odds.

Gives you false hope

As stated above, gaming websites typically add wagering requirements which are usually between 30x and 60x. This implies that you need to bet between 30 and 60 times before you are allowed to cash out your bonus winnings. The playthrough requirements depend on the bonus policy established by the operators so you should take time to read their bonus terms and conditions before claiming their offers. The wagering requirements attached to this No deposit bonus are usually higher and even impossible to beat. When you are excited to win the free cash bonus, you may be disappointed to see the rollovers bundled with this bonus. As some of these requirements can be up to 60 times before you can take the offer out, the players live in the false hope that they will have a big win with no budget.

Starts the addiction

According to experts, casual gamblers are more likely to become addicts. One of the reasons to push people to visit the online gaming site frequently is the hope to win free money without investing. Actually, with a wide array of gaming sites that promise to reward a higher amount of bonus after the registration, the players are seduced and spend their time trying to boost these expected big bonuses. Anyway, who doesn’t want to enjoy an outstanding experience in the iGaming platform while receiving real money bonuses and promotions? Unfortunately, these free offers are linked to complicated conditions before being permitted to be withdrawn pushing people to gamble excessively. Spending more and more time and money evidently leads to addiction.


Nothing is more interesting than free stuff, and it is the same case in the online gaming world. The player’s common dream is to win free money without making a deposit. With the popularity of the No deposit offers, people spend time finding the most lucrative ones. A free cash bonus, nonetheless, gets something in return which is called the wagering requirements. To answer the above questions, the No deposit offers are interesting and profitable provided that they are attached with no conditions.

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