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The argument over whether or not mouse with pinky rest are worth it has been waged for years. Some people swear by them, insisting that the little extra support for the pinky makes all the difference in their comfort and productivity. Others find them pointless and claim that they only serve to get in the way. So, which is it? Is mouse with pinky rest worth it or not?

The answer to this question is largely depends on personal preference. Some people find that having a place to rest their pinky makes all the difference in comfort and control while using a mouse. Others find that the added support gets in the way or is simply unnecessary. Ultimately, it’s up to each of the user to decide whether or not mouse with pinky rest are worth it for them.

The pros of having a mouse with a pinky rest 

Many people believe that the mouse with a pinky rest is an unnecessary luxury. However, there are many pros to having this type of mouse. First, the pinky rest provides a more comfortable and natural grip for your hand.

Second, it helps keep your hand in the correct position while working, preventing carpal tunnel syndrome and other injuries. Third, it makes moving the mouse around on your desk easier. Finally, it simply looks cool! So if you are looking for a brand new mouse, consider one with a pinky rest.

The cons of having a mouse with a pinky rest 

There are many pros to having a mouse with a pinky rest, but some cons to consider. One con is that the mouse may be more challenging to use for people who are not used to it. Another con is that the mouse may be less comfortable for small hands people.

What is the best gaming mouse with pinky rest?

A gaming mouse with pinky rest is an excellent investment for any PC gamer. A good gaming mouse with a pinky rest will provide comfort and support for your hand, allowing you to play your favorite games for hours without experiencing fatigue. Many different gaming mice on the market come with a pinky rest, so it can be a bit challenging to know which one is right for you.

Here are the best gaming mice with a pinky rest that are available today: 

The Corsair M65 Pro RGB is an excellent option for gamers who want a gaming mouse with plenty of customization options. The mouse has three zones that can be customized with different colors, and it also comes with a sniper button that allows you to increase the DPI of the mouse for better accuracy temporarily.

Things to consider 

Design mouse with Pinky rest:

Pinky rest can improve design and comfort. It can also eliminate wrist and hand fatigue. The mouse is designed for people who work with their hands for a long time. It is made of soft and comfortable PU material. It has a nice shape that fits the hand naturally. A Pinky rest can also prevent injuries caused by fatigue when you use the mouse for a long time. The price is reasonable, which makes this product worthy of buying.

Functionality mouse with Pinky rest:

Pinky rest can improve functionality. It can improve the overall movement of your hand and wrist. It supports all types of mice, including laser, optical, and ball mice You can use it for both left-handed and right-handed people.

Price mouse with Pinky rest:

Pinky rest are often more expensive than regular mice. They are made from high-quality materials and typically have a higher DPI. This makes mouse more accurate and responsive. You can also change the DPI and polling rate easily. The high-speed response will give you a more smooth gaming experience.


In conclusion, the mouse with Pinky rest are worth it for anyone looking for a more comfortable and ergonomic mouse experience. The design helps to reduce wrist strain and fatigue, making it a great choice for extended use. Plus, the pinky rest can easily be removed if needed. So don’t hesitate to give one a try!

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