15 Mind-Blowing Apps That Pay You To Walk

15 Mind-Blowing Apps That Pay You To Walk

September 11, 2019 0 By Shweta Pandey

Here, in this article, we enlist 15 apps that pay you to walk! You spend thousands of bucks in the gym to get or stay in shape. But what if I told you you could get fit and not only save money but also get paid for walking and exercising. Long walks at night by the beach with your beloved just got sweeter!

But before we dive into our list, let me answer the queries that might be popping into your heads at this very moment

The first and most obvious one is :

Is the paid to walk app legit?

The answer is yes. And these apps actually pay you to exercise. These don’t scam and these apps pay you for walking. That’s literally getting paid for something we are already doing, something that is a part and parcel of our lives. Hence, it is a great way to earn some extra bucks without putting in any extra efforts.

Why are there apps that pay you to walk?

There could be several reasons for why would someone pay you to just move, like :

  • Some big companies sponsor these apps instead of spending on advertising and these apps help them reach the right audience. To gain popularity these apps pay you to walk.
  • Apps like Achievement have partnered with leading healthcare companies. These firms pay them to conduct health studies and Achievement pays you to participate in those studies.
  • Some apps also involve betting and competing against other players.

Charity Miles

This app helps you earn money for your favorite We Charity every time you move. You could walk, run or even dance or bike to earn money. Charity runs currently has 8 big brands such as Johnson and Johnson sponsoring them. These brands, instead of spending in an advertisement , channel that budget towards something good.

Charity Miles provides a great way of supporting a worthy cause without disrupting your budget. Since 2012, it has helped charities worldwide with $3 million.


  • Charity Miles support as many as 42 charities. Hence, a great number of options for you to choose from.
  • Allows you to create your own pledge page where you can earn literally Unlimited money.
  • you also get a chance to win cool prizes from sponsors depending upon the amount you earn.
  • This is among apps that pay you to walk even when you are indoors, say on a treadmill. Just log your activity

Cons :

  • It doesn’t run in the background so you’ll have to physically open the app every time to track a workout.

Download the app: Charity Miles



Runtopia is yet another amazing app that pays you to exercise. It lets you set goals and even assigns you an audio coach. Complete daily tasks and participate in the community to earn sports coins. Then redeem them for coupons, memberships, products, and even cash. You can also engage in charity with this application.

The app’s personal trainer can also customize the result-oriented running workout plan to enhance your fitness progress.

Pros :

  • Personal Trainer and audio coach.
  • Heart rate, pace, mileage,  calorie and distance tracer.
  • GPS tracking
  • Real-time display of route, elevation, stride, pace, heart rate, etc.
  • Provides training with running performance analysis.
  • Social media sharing of running routes.
  • Walk for money.


  • Sports coins expire on every march 1st. Hence, you’ll have to use them before that.

Download App: Runtopia


Achievement is also among those apps that pay you to walk along with another array of exercises. Get paid for walking, swimming, biking, running or playing a sport; anything you love! And not only that, the app rewards you 6 points for activities such as food intake, sleep schedule, weight gains or losses, and sharing your journey on social media.

For every 10,000 points, you get $ 10. This sum can either be redeemed to cash or can be donated to the charity listed on the app.

Also, you have the option of 29 other health apps to choose from to link with Achievement and start gaining rewards.

Pros :

  • Step tracking
  • Meditation sessions
  • Food logging
  • Surveys and programmatic health challenges to earn extra points.
  • Also offers paid research opportunity in Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, Mental Health, Migraines, Rheumatism, Arthritis, etc.

Cons :

  • They pay you $10 dollars 10,000 points.

Download app here: Achievement


LifeCoin is yet another great app that would give you money for walking. Its the ultimate sweat currency! It functions just like SweatCoin only difference is the UI. It works by recognizing the number of steps one takes and the mileage.

Also one has the facility to share one’s progress on social media.

Pros :

  • You can pay $4.33 per month to earn up to 10 coins per day. Also, this would give you premium access to all of its top services.
  • A quite impressive array of rewards, like Beats headphones, Apple Airpods, a quadcopter.
  • Synchs with Google fit.


  • A free user can only earn up to 5 coins per day.
  • Are rewards coins only for outdoor activities?
  • The reward cannot be redeemed to cash.
  • Rewards are first come first serve and hence one cannot expect the same rewards every time.

Download app: LifeCoin 

People Walker


People Walker is one of my favorite apps that pay you to walk. This app doesn’t function the way others on our list do. To earn via this app you’ll have to volunteer as a walker.

This app connects you to a safe, reliable walking partner. You get to meet new people and hence it’s not just about walking but also connects clients.

People Walker motivates you to get out of your cough and live an active life. All you need to do is open the app and browse through walker profiles. Select the walker of your choice and request a walk.

Pros :

  • All walkers have verified backgrounds.
  • To maintain community standards, the walker and the client rate each other at the end of their walks.
  • Great application to meet new people.

Cons :

  • Available only in the Los Angeles

Download the app: People Walker 



StepBet is another app that can get you paid for walking. Just that this one comes with a little risk! Instead of simply getting paid to walk, you must bid on the number of steps you can cover. Also, you can compete against other players.

When you sign up for Stepbet and connect to your fitness tracker, your step goals are calculated. These goals challenge you to cover more steps each day. After setting your goals, you can join the game and start betting.

Pros :

  • Setting goals and betting on yourself provides great motivation.
  • Challenges you to get out of your comfort zones.
  • Calculates your goal steps on the basis of your current fitness levels.

Cons :

  • You need to maintain the streak of reaching your goals for 6 days a week. Otherwise, you lose the bet money.
  • A typical bet consists of $40.
  • Upon winning, the amount is split among the winners.

Download the app: StepBet

Walgreen  Balance Rewards  

This is one of the apps that pay you to walk if you are a Walgreen Shopper. You might or might not be aware that walking is another way to earn some extra reward points for Walgreen Balance Reward Program.

For each mile you walk, you earn 20 Points. You can earn a maximum of 1000 points a month. 1000 converts to $1. Hence, you can earn by walking as well if you are a Walgreen shopper.

Pros :

  • You can also get paid by logging your weight and blood measurements.
  • The app can be connected to several fitness trackers and sensors on your phone.

Cons :

  • The app doesn’t pay you in cash. It gives you discount your shopping bills.
  • It benefits only Walgreen shoppers.

Download app here: Walgreen Balance Reward

PK Rewards


PK Rewards is a great app for those who want to make money by walking. Not only that, it is among those apps that pay you for exercise and workout. Before you start working out, open the app and hit “Start Earning”. After you are done, end the session on the app. Your “Effort Score” will be calculated. The more efforts you put in, the more you earn.

Impressive brands such as Nike, Amazon etc reward you when you have earned enough coins.


  • The app doesn’t require much space on your phone memory.
  • You can also earn points by watching videos.
  • Great UI and very user-friendly.
  • Doesn’t require unnecessary permissions.

Cons :

  • The app doesn’t run in the background. You’ll have yo physically one the app every time you workout.
  • Points cannot be redeemed for cash.

Download the app: PK Rewards

Vingo- Steps, Stars , Cash

Vingo is a fitness app where you can get money for walking. It is a bit different than the other apps. Instead of “walk for money ” , vingo converts your daily steps into lottery tickets.

To be more clear, let us say you walk from 8:00 pm to 8:55 pm ET.  The number of steps you took gets submitted. This becomes your ticket number. At 9:00 pm ET, a lucky number is announced and if it matches your ticket number, you win the cash.

If there are more than one winners, the prize splits. If there are no Vingo stars, the prize then moves to silver or bronze stars. And in case there are no silver or bronze stats either, the price moves to the next day.

The reward amount keeps changing every night.

Pros :

  • Cash rewards.
  • 100%free to download.


  • Available only for iPhone users.

Download the app: Vingo


FitPotato is similar to StepBet. You can challenge other users to earn cash for steps. Every week there is a prize pool up of up to $ 1000. Typical betting starts at $ 5.

To win the cash reward you must complete 3 walks or run or dog walking sessions each comprising of roughly 6k steps. Though the number of steps might change in the future. Whoever succeeds in completing all the three sessions by the end of the week, wins.

Pros :

  • Cash Rewards.
  • Runs in the background for the entire duration of the session.

Cons :

  • Available only for iOS users.
  • A wee bit clunky.
  • A bit harsh on the battery.

Download the app: FitPotato


SweatCoin is the most popular among the apps that pay you to walk. It pays you for steps in cryptocurrency. 2000 coins get converted into 1 “sweatcoin” . Free members can earn up to 5 sweatcoins each day for 5,000 steps. Premium members can earn up to 10 sweatcoins each day. 20,000 sweatcoins can be converted into $ 1000. The amount will be paid to you via PayPal.

You’ll have to use the GPS on your phone to track your process and earn money by walking.

Pros :

  • Sweatcoin rewards keep changing constantly. If you wait for a little, you might stumble on something you really wanted.
  • You can donate to charity via this app.
  • Awesome cash rewards.

Cons :

  • Sweatcoins don’t pay you for walking inside. Running on the treadmills or moving about in your home won’t get you paid.
  • Rewards keep changing constantly. Hence, you cannot expect the same rewards again and again.
  • Doesn’t connect to any fitness trackers.

Download the app: SweatCoins

Fit For Bucks Apps that pay you to walk

Another great option for apps that pay you to walk. And not only that, it basically pays you for any sort of movement. Whether you love swimming, hiking, cycling, running or anything, you’ll get paid!

This app connects you to merchants who redeem the steps you take, into rewards. Some rewards you might find are :

  • Free 30-min massage – cost: 30,000 steps
  • Free cup of coffee – 35,000 steps
  • Free 16oz. Smoothie – 50,000 steps


  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Tracks steps using iPhone’s health app. Hence, no additional fitness devices are required.
  • Provides referral and sign up bonus.

Cons : 

  • This app to get money for walking is available only for iOS users.
  • currently this app is available only in LA.
  • Doesn’t pay in cash

Download the app: Fit For Bucks


Higi is among the best apps that pay you to walk. Using this app, you not only get paid for walking but can also monitor your health. The company has several health-tracking units. These stations measure a variety of health parameters including body fat, weight, blood pressure, pulse, etc. Higi pays you for completing these health checks as well.

The app has challenges which you can complete to earn extra points. Besides that, the app also pays for walking each mile. These coins, when enough, can be redeemed for your favorite merch.

Pros :

  • Links with other health tracking apps.
  • Checks overall general health.
  • Reward points can be used for charity.

Cons :

  • No cash rewards.
  • Most deals require you to purchase something first.

Download the app: Higi


There are several apps that pay you to walk but  EarthMiles has a separate fan base. It is very simple and easy to understand the app. This app rewards you with EarthMiles for walking, running, biking, etc. Hence, with this app you can get paid for walking, running, cycling, etc.

What’s unique about this application is that It pays more as the exercise gets tougher.  Meaning :

  • 1 KM of walking = 1 EarthMiles.
  • 1 KM of running = 3 EarthMiles.
  • 1 KM of cycling = 5 EarthMiles.

You can redeem these EarthMiles for rewards from premium health brands.

Pros :

  • You can find free goodies and discounts on health supplements and products. There are vegan and plant-based, healthy snacks, fitness classes, gear, clothing. This provides extra motivation.
  • EarthMiles can be linked to various other tracking apps.


  • Doesn’t pay in cash.

Download the app: EarthMiles   

Lympo :

Lympo provides a great way to make money by walking. You can compete in local walking or running challenges to earn LYM tokens. These tokens can be used to buy sporting goods right in the app. Lympo also gives away Amazon Gift cards and products. There is a new challenge every day hence, a lot of opportunities to earn some extra bucks.

Pros :

  •  Challenges can be completed anywhere; outside or inside.
  • Connects to a variety of health trackers.
  • LYM has a real cash value.

Cons : 

  • LYMs can be used only for purchasing goods from within the app. It cannot be transferred to e-wallets.

Final Words

So these were some of the apps that let you walk and earn money. Using some of these apps, you get paid in cash for walking. While others pay you in terms of rewards and discounts.

One thing that we can all agree on is that we are getting for something we all inevitably do, that is, move. Also, these apps motivate to step towards becoming a better version of ourselves.

Apart from these, there are several other ways to use apps to make money online.

Let us know in in comment section below how to do you like this article and if we have missed any great apps that pay you to walk. Stay tune at dailyjunkies for more money-making related apps.

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