Why is it so important to learn API design?

Why is it so important to learn API design?

October 30, 2018 1 By Anonymus

Building an API is a tough task. You have to go to the bunch of meetings, where you choose the right stack with your business stakeholders, and then all of you try to build one successful model of data distribution. However, this is just the part of the story. There are many tiny details that need special attention. What actually inspired API invention? Social media made a boom, such as mobile technology too – which resulted in the building and adopting APIs and hence the importance of API design.

When we stress out that you need to put much effort into the API design, we truly believe so. APIs can make wonders, but they can also take you to a dead end. One tiny mistake and you customers might rate the API badly. You have to keep the user experience at a high level, as the customers give you a good reputation. Once you notice that the support calls are getting more often, this is the sign that you are doing something wrong. This further echoes among the potential customers, sending a message that your API and service are not reliable.

What do you have to do? Just plan everything to the finest detail and go through everything a couple of times before the implementation. You API design has to be planned and taken into consideration carefully, as the invested effort speaks more than words once the API is released.

API design

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What does API design mean?

API design sounds aesthetically appealing, but it is not that appealing in practice. This procedure involves much more than plain syntax writing. You have to provide an effective interface that will make your API appear more understandable, usable, and easy to integrate within the consumers.

Which are the basic API design requirements?

  1. You should make a perfect resources structure,
  2. Provide the full documentation for these resources.

If it is still unclear, here are the facts why APIs should be well designed and why you should learn API design.

  • Implementation process

API has a goal to give a comprehensive overview of the operations taken within the endpoints and CRUD operations. If you develop a good designed API, it can provide significant help with the implementation. Otherwise, you might get stuck in the configurations and classes, or a bunch of other issues that would make a standstill of the process. While you design, you will think about the ways of data distribution and come up with some productive solutions.

  • Development process

If you want to develop a good designed API, you would have to work continuously. Otherwise, your company wouldn’t make any benefit of the potentials APIs offer. As you evolve the products and the services, build up your API too. If you have the insight into the resources and sub-resources and their maintaining, it will prevent possible chaos. Of course, the greater the API is, the more effort you have to put into managing it. If you work on this continuously, you won’t have to repeat the work or go back and search for a mistake.

API design

  • Make your API consumable

How do you do this? As we already mentioned resources and sub-resources in the paragraphs above, they surely need to be mapped out. Once you do this, your documentation will be more comprehensive. The documenting process has to be fast and bug-free, as it helps the developers in the designing process.

  • Help the developers

The documentation is one of the most important things that can help the developers build a rocking API. Their experience through this process is as important as the consumers’ experience. This step is the result of the steps that we enlisted above. If you organize your resources well and put it in a solid documentation, it will improve developers experience, who will make your API as flawless as possible.


Even though you are aware of the main API design requirements, putting our advice into practice still takes time. However, the more you try – the closer you are to the goal. The goal is to design a highly adopted, successful, and usable API. As you know now why is it so important to learn API design now, then get to the work.


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