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Magic Mushrooms Indoors

You feel accomplished when growing your food, developing something new, or building something from scratch. It may take longer than buying something at a store, but the joy of making something yourself is priceless. Magic mushrooms, like cannabis, may be grown indoors with little space, time, work, and the correct equipment.

What Are Magic Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms contain psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychoactive and hallucinogenic chemical. For personal or commercial use, magic mushrooms may be grown in various indoor and outdoor settings.

It is dried and then added to beverages or dishes. Some individuals like to eat them as soon as they’ve been plucked. There are multiple mushroom benefits due to which it has become a popular choice for users.

Recognizing the Shrooms

Magic mushrooms have dark brown caps and thin whitish-grey stems. The middle is white or light brown. Wild magic mushrooms are toxic. Only buy mushrooms from trusted sellers. They offer mushroom spores so you can cultivate them yourself.

After that, keep a watch on your mushroom garden. Harvest them after they are fully developed and generate spores. Picking begins when the caps open.

It’s possible to eat or drink the mushrooms after collecting them. Psilocybin, like CBD oil and hash oil, is found in cannabis flowers and edibles. The liquid is clear brown and supplied in a little vial.

Growing Magic Mushrooms

Psychedelic cubensis come in a wide variety of forms and may be found worldwide.. The appropriate spore prints may even allow him to continue forward and develop practically any of them.

The following items must be gathered before you can begin your preparations for growing magic mushrooms at home.

Equipment Needed

  • 12 shoulderless jars (1/2 pint)
  • A clear plastic storage box (50-110Litres)
  • A cooking pot with a tight lid (large)
  • Mist Spray bottle
  • A Drill
  • A drill bit (1/4th inch)
  • Hammer
  • A mixing bowl
  • Measuring cup
  • A roll of micropore tapes
  • A strainer
  • Nails
  • Tin Foil (heavy-duty)
  • Small towels

Ingredients Required

  • Drinking water
  • Organic brown rice flour (6-7 cups)
  • Perlite
  • Spore Syringe (12 cc, 1 cc for each jar)
  • Vermiculite, either medium or fine (10-12 cups)

Hygiene Supplies

  • Air Sanitizer
  • Latex gloves (sterilized)
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Surface disinfectant
  • Surgical mask
  • Torch lighter

The Planting Process

The procedure requires a great deal of planning and precision. Follow these steps:

The Preparation Stage

Preparation is the focus of the first stage. Preparation of jars and substrate will take place here. To begin, get a hammer and nail and pound four holes in the jar lids (after disinfecting them thoroughly). The holes should be uniformly spaced.

Afterwards, the substrate must be prepared. First, vermiculite and water will be mixed in a bowl for each jar. Keep an eye out for any dripping water. Next, blend moist vermiculite with 1/4 cup brown rice flour in each half-pint container.

Don’t overfill the jars; leave a quarter inch at the top. The material should be sanitised and insulated with vermiculite. Assemble the lids and cover them with tin foil to prevent drying. Boil the jars on top of a small towel or paper towel. Bring tap water halfway up the jars to a boil in a saucepan. Let it steam for 75-90 minutes. Add extra water if the pot is dry. Let it be cool.

Time to Inoculate

Now is the moment to heat the syringe needle to a red-hot temperature. Then, to keep it clean, let it cool completely before wiping it off with an alcohol wipe. Then, pull back the plunger and shake vigorously to ensure an equitable distribution of the magic mushroom spores.

It’s time to inject the spores into the jars as they can be injected via the openings. When you’re done, use micropore tape to conceal the holes you’ve created in the wall. You will repeat this method for every jar you own.

Wait For the Mycelium to Colonise

Get rid of your jars and keep them somewhere clean. Direct sunlight and extreme heat should be avoided at all costs. After a week, the mycelium becomes white and fluffy. Keep an eye out for signs of contamination, including discolouration or unusual odours. Don’t keep it if you find anything like this since certain poisons are harmful. To be safe, toss away any questionable jars.

After a few weeks, unite your jars if they’re all safe so the mycelium can strengthen its hold on the substrate.

Prepare Your Growing Chamber

Next, create your growing environment (using the plastic storage container you obtained). Placing the box atop heavy things will guarantee a consistent airflow below. The last step is to add perlite to the bottom of your growing chamber. Perlite should be 4-5 inches thick.

The Fruiting Stage

Carefully open and close the jars to remove the dry vermiculite. Rehydrate the cakes in a saucepan of water after washing off any loose vermiculite. After 24 hours, remove the cakes and roll them in dry vermiculite in a mixing bowl. Re-bake a cake if it breaks.

Place each cake in the grow chamber on top of tin foil. In the developing chamber, they must be evenly distributed. Finally, monitor the growth conditions and adjust humidity and airflow as needed.

Time to Harvest

It’s harvest time! After 5-12 days, little white bumps will form on the fruit, indicating its readiness for harvest. When the timing is right, all you have to do is choose your fruit. However, because they lose their power as they mature, they do not develop to full maturity.


Psilocin or its derivate, psilocybin, is present in over 200 mushroom species. Magic mushrooms have a long and rich history in Central American spiritual and religious practices. Magic mushrooms have also been used therapeutically to treat cluster headaches, depression, OCD, addiction, and anxiety.

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