Amazing Mens Hairstyles to Fit Your Style and Personality

Amazing Mens Hairstyles to Fit Your Style and Personality

January 26, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

All of us have that one look that we seem to take through life. However, times change, and fresh trends take up our attention. Some say that the range of modern haircuts for women is incredibly vast and thus confusing. But what about men? The variety of haircuts on offer is as wide, no matter what some may claim.

While LoveHairstyles has all the trendiest mens hairstyles, it’s vital to add that not all of them will suit you equally. Two main criteria determine if the look fits you or not. Today, we’ll discuss the issue in detail so that no questions are left unanswered! 

How To Pick the Best Cut for Your Face Shape

One of the primary defining factors when searching for a new cut is the face shape. It’s necessary to remember that haircuts that fit round faces may not be that appealing to a square one. At the same time, looks are utterly universal and can go well with all shapes.

Oval Face Shape

Just as the ladies born with oval faces, men can consider themselves lucky. We have mentioned that some cuts are universal, but so is the oval face shape. No matter the look you think about trying out, the chances are that it will fit you perfectly. The only exception would be a long fringe. It’s advised to keep away from cuts with such an element. The main reason why would be it making your face look round.

Round Face

Lads with round faces are less lucky, but the variety of cuts to experiment with is still grand. The popular stylists have it that such a shape requires a variety of angles and volume to even out the additional roundness of the face. At the same time, the sides should always remain shorter. Another trick to consider is a side part, as it is designed to make a face look longer. Lastly, round faces are utterly unfit for full fringes, and buzzcuts are out of the question too.

Oblong Face

Sometimes people mix the oblong face shape and take it for oval. However, the difference is vital since the former is not that universal. The number of styles to experiment with is exceptionally wide. The cuts that involve longer sides and more layered tops are the best. While those too short on the sides may make your face look even longer. If you are not against wearing your hair longer, then a hair down look will smooth out the flaws and bring out the best features of your face. 

Square Face

While women would give anything for an oval face shape, men are obsessed with square one. It is said to be strong and masculine looking. Such a trend forced modern hair stylists to suit a great variety of haircuts to the shape to emphasize that masculine vibe. The notion is particularly true when it comes to fashionable undercuts and daring buzzcut.

Triangle Face Shape

Lastly, there is also a triangular or diamond face shape to take into account too. The best cuts for the share are the ones that involve shorter sides and longer tops. Just like in the case with a round face, a side part comes of vital importance here too. However, while in the first case, it was aimed at roundness reduction, here, it is aimed at bringing masculinity to the front.


Hair Type and Texture Matter

According to LoveHairStyles, when you think that a face shape is enough to come up with the most flattering look, you are mistaken. There is also hair type and texture to consider. Cuts designed for thick and curly mane won’t go well with thin, straight hair, and you have to deal with that effectively.


 Thick, wavy hair – men with such a hair type and texture will look flawless with any cut. However, slick backs should better be crossed out of the list. It’s not that they won’t do with the texture. They are challenging to maintain.

Curly hair – all the fades along with other angular variations of undercut seem to have been designed for the texture.

Straight hair – coarse hair is hard to style, too, so most experts advise it to follow the natural pattern to end up with a seamless and obedient haircut.

Straight, thin hair – unlike its coarser variation, thin hair works especially well with classy haircuts. What is more, that is a perfect texture for a trendy slickback.

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