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solos Sunglasses

Importance Of solos Sunglasses

Solos Sunglasses has a hefty amount of battery backup which can last throughout your day. To be exact solos Sunglasses provide 11 Hours of Music Listening Or 8 Hours of continuous call time. Solos Sunglasses shades are not ordinary shades, they are polarized lenses that restrict Ultraviolet radiation from reaching your eyes. Solos Sunglasses also accommodates blue light blocking capabilities which ultimately reduce digital eye strain. Solos Sunglasses produces their Smart glasses which have various customizable options such as changing the frames or changing lens color.

Why are solo Sunglasses so expensive compared to normal Sunglasses?

  1.   Solos Sunglasses are equipped with high-quality speakers using the latest technology to provide a listening experience similar to proper headphones or stereo headsets.
  2.   They are also packed with sensors related to health such as it can track daily step count and much more.
  3.   Solos Sunglasses are made with a durable and lightweight material which makes them weigh the same as a pair of regular Sunglasses.
  4.   They are based on the IoT (Internet of Things) platform which allows them to be updated in the future by their respective Android or iOS applications.


What is the SmartHinge™ Technology?

Solos Sunglasses and tinted readers Smart Hinge technology. SmartHinge Technology allows you to easily switch frames with these Sunglasses hence allowing you to remain stylish and trendy as well as it being light on the pocket as there is no need to purchase a whole pair of new Sunglasses rather you can just change the frame. It allows you to easily switch your favorite frames among different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials to express your preferred fashion style.


Advantages Of Buying solos Sunglasses

  1.   It is equipped with a dual speaker design to provide you stereo experience which would be similar to regular headphones.
  2.   Solos Sunglasses are also equipped with high-quality microphones to not only provide you the facility to attend calls and meetings while being on the run as well as they play their role in Active Noise Cancellation which isolates you from interrupting environmental sounds.
  3.   Solos Sunglasses are claimed to have unrivaled battery life. They can last up to 11 hours for continuous music streaming and 8 hours for continuous phone calls. Even If they are left on standby, they can last up to 2.5 days in one charge
  4.   You can also personalize your solo Sunglasses through the AirGo Mobile App. Personalizations include Sound Equalizer to match your preferred sound taste, set reminders to remind you about your daily chores, etc., and much more
  5.   Solos Sunglasses also allows calling Google Assistant/Siri with only a double-tap on the frame. The call to action can also be customized through the AirGo application.
  6.   The frames of solos Sunglasses are also packed with gesture controls such as by sliding your finger on the frame you can easily adjust the volume rather than using your phone to do it.
  7.   Besides gestures, solos Sunglasses have mini multi-function buttons on the frames which can be set according to user requirements.



Q1: Do solo Sunglasses come with a warranty in case I encounter a malfunction in my sunglasses?

Ans1: Yes, they come with a 12-month limited warranty and even if you do encounter an issue, our customer service is always there to help you.

Q2: Can I remove and change the lenses?

Ans2: Yes, you can easily remove and swap the lenses.

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