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All that is Trending in the Modern Dirndl World

by c-incognito
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Women all over the world are captivated by the ancient garment – that is, a Dirndl. Form its parts, styles, cuts to its colors; everything is magnetic to a modern woman. And it should be; the fact that the Dirndl dress has managed to trend in 2022 after being in use for centuries is remarkable in itself. At Lederhosen Store, our designers have taken the magnetism of a traditional Dirndl and created pieces that are to die for. 

Dirndl Dress

What is a Dirndl – Dirndl is a part of ancient Bavarian work-wear; yes, the Dirndl initially was an Alpine maid’s dress. Dirndl served a far practical purpose in the olden days than being the cheeky dresses of today. So, how the Dirndl dress became a fashion icon? 

This is a story of love and romance – the Crown Prince Ludwig wed Princess Therese in 1810, and it was at this wedding the Dirndl made their debut to the higher echelons of the fashion world. The wedding celebrations lasted for a week and hosted the citizens of Munich – who turned up to the celebration ground wearing their Lederhosen and traditional Dirndl. 

Feminine Dirndls

Plain trachten clothing is just as trendy as the cheeky modern Dirndls. It all depends on your personal preference for clothing. If you are bold enough to sport voguish modern patterns and feminine cuts, the modern Dirndls are the dress for you. Flower Dirndls and checkered Dirndls are likable models of modern Dirndl costumes. Traditional Dirndl and modern Dirndl dresses are adorned with embroideries, lace, and sequins attached to the Dirndl dress, bodice, or apron. Modern Dirndl dress is usually short in length and makes a bold statement for the wearer.

Modern Dirndl Materials 

The designers at Lederhosen Store bank on high-end and delicate materials. This is why many modern Dirndl models are made from delicate and exclusive fabrics. The richness of the textiles does not only make a woman fall in love with it, but they also promise a grandeur that is hard to achieve with anything else. 

In the Dirndl world currently, satin, silk and velvet are taking the lead in close race to jacquards and taffeta. Still, models of modern Dirndl made out of cotton and linen are also in high demand. So, it is a fusion of exclusive textiles, all working together for your next premium Dirndl look.

Dirndl Dress Types

There are three major types of a Dirndl – you can wear some to the Oktoberfest while some should be kept only for costume and Halloween parties. Let’s go through each one by one;

Maxi Dirndl 

A maxi dirndl is also termed and known as the traditional dirndl. The skirt for a maxi dirndl goes all the way to the ankles. Maxi Dirndls were the go to choice in ancient Bavaria. Farm ladies and maids wore the longer skirt to protect themselves from stains and the weather elements. These days however the maxi dirndls are not seen as much – especially not at Oktoberfest. 

Mini Dirndl 

A mini dirndl is the complete opposite of the maxi dirndl – as it barely covers the buttocks. The outfit is generally frowned upon by the locals in Germany. It is mostly worn by tourists – in very small numbers. The mini dirndl however are ideal for Halloween costumes and costume parties. 

Midi Dirndl 

Midi Dirndls are the most sought after choice for Oktoberfest and other festivals. Most of the local shop in Munich only stock variations and designs of Midi Dirndls. These are perfect for wearing in Oktoberfest as the weather compliments the skirt length – which goes up to the knees. 

Modern Dirndl Styling and Pairing

A blouse for a modern Dirndl should match the dress, which is Dirndl 101 for sure. This is where it gets fun; a Dirndl blouse has seen many modifications and additions recently, so – loosely, we can say, nothing is off-limits. 

Sport a traditional white Dirndl blouse or choose the fun black Dirndl blouse, which has become quite the trend in itself. Many Dirndl blouses now feature a high-necked bodice or a snow-white neckline. Also, Carmen’s blouse or off-the-shoulder blouses are trending in the trachten fashion arena and have captured the hearts of young fashionistas around the world. 

Dirndl Shoes

Once you make your perfect choice for a Dirndl, dress up your feet. Dazzle the crowd with some high-heeled stilettoes or the high heel Dirndl shoes that are made from genuine suede leather – trust us, and both options will make your outfit twice as juicy. Wear some rustic jewelry and matching accessories and pin your hair up, or do a Swiss braid or go for a French braid – the sky is the limit. 

Dirndl for Sale

Dirndl dress collection at Lederhosen Store has taken the Dirndl fashion arena by storm. With toms of modern Dirndl designs and cuts, our collection is one to marvel at, and a safe bet for your next Dirndl look or Oktoberfest look. Please browse through our extensive Dirndl collection, make your pick and enjoy enormous discounts with our Dirndl Sale!

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