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All About Flexible Polyester Roof Waterproofing Services

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Roof Waterproofing Services

Flexible polyester Roof Waterproofing Services is classified, as the name suggests, as a flexible waterproofing system. The real flexible polyester has proof of elongation greater than 35% already reinforced and structured.

It is a roof leakage waterproofing to use in a liquid form, directly on the existing surface. It reinforces during the chemical curing process, resulting in a composite.

In short, it is a combination of components, which is designed to achieve a product with qualities superior to the sum of the qualities of the individual components.

Use of composites in roof waterproofing services

This composite then receives a finishing layer, which chemically fuses with the material, forming a new surface.

The whole system adds only 3 to 5 mm to the original surface (and only 3 kg per m²), so there is no need to break anything.

Want to understand how this roof leakage treatment happens? Check it out!

It all starts with preparing the area , which is cleaned and decontaminated. Then, a primer must be applied, a component that prepares the area, reducing the risks of residual moisture and increasing the adhesion of the flexible polyester system to the substrate.

The next step is the formation of the structural layer of the system. It happens by applying a layer of flexible polyester resin, which immediately reinforce. Over this reinforcement, apply a new layer of flexible polyester resin, sealing the composite. This structural layer undergoes a chemical cure and becomes solid.

After this phase, clean the area again and it is time for finishing.

Where can flexible polyester roof waterproofing services used?

The flexible polyester roof waterproofing services DHA are good for cases where there is positive hydrostatic pressure, when water seeps from top to bottom and from the inside to the outside. It is not suitable for roof waterproofing in Pakistan where there is negative hydrostatic pressure.

Who applies flexible polyester for warehouse waterproofing?

Roof Power, one of the most serious and solid waterproofing companies in Pakistan, exclusively dedicates to waterproofing services in Islamabad. We offer more than 35 years of experience – and more than half a million square meters of waterproofing!

But after this roof leakage treatment, you may have to make changes in your area. The installation of an antenna, which needs to perforate the waterproofing layer. It also needs the replacement of a pipe, or any other type of renovation. It affects the waterproofed area may be necessary at any time.

With other waterproofing services in Lahore where everything is not visible, repair is virtually impossible. With flexible polyester, this is not the case.

You can do spot repair (without losing all the applied waterproofing) at any time during the waterproofing life. The new layers chemically merge with the old ones, always forming a monolithic waterproofing layer!

This roof waterproofing Chemical also helps in the thermal comfort of the environment. It is more suitable, if you choose white color.

Use of flexible polyester in other types of waterproofing applications

The flexible polyester is not only use in roof waterproofing but also in other waterproofing applications such as roof heat-proofing, water tank waterproofing, bathroom leakage treatment, basement waterproofing and bathroom and tiles waterproofing.



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