Aerospace Engineering in India Opportunities

Aerospace Engineering in India Opportunities

November 17, 2018 0 By Anonymus

The recent missions to the Moon and Mars have been a real eye-opener in the field of Aerospace engineering. The study is entirely dedicated to the field of aviation. It is concerned with the research and development of aerial equipment and vehicles. The field of study is split into two main branches-aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering.

Fields Of Aerospace Engineering

The field of Aerospace Engineering has been on the rise globally due to frequent space explorations and search for Earth-like planets for habitation. Zeroing it into India the scope is pretty less in comparison with other countries due to the meager number of government and private organizations that offer opportunities in this field. As per the statistics, there is a huge difference in the ratio of the eligible workforce and the opportunities.

Aerospace Engineering in India

In India, the Aerospace Engineering program is offered at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. There are top universities and colleges which offers courses under this banner like IIT’s. The areas in which an aerospace engineer can pursue his/ her career is in design, development, research, test, performance, and maintenance of aerial vehicles for military and civilian purposes.
The majority of opportunities for engineers in this field are provided by the Air Force, Corporate Research Companies, Defence Ministry, Flying Clubs, and Associations, etc.
The Indian government is looking to improve and develop its aerospace technology, which would lead to increased funding and developing the technology sector which in turn is creating new job opportunities for the graduates.
There are some of the prestigious government-owned enterprises like:

  • ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation)
  • DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation)
  • HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd)
  • NAL (National Aeronautics Labs)

Advantages of pursuing Aerospace Engineering in India are as follows:

  • A highly paid and respectable job in India.
  • The Engineers will enjoy the high standards of living.
  • Aircraft travel is free for the employee and their family members of the company where the employees work.
  • The salary provided in this field is of the economic standards and graduates from top universities end up getting paid around INR 6 lakhs to INR 15 Lakhs per annum depending upon the field of work.
  • Since the risks involved in this field is at a higher rate due to the nature of the job, students are a little hesitant to pursue the degree. Later when the spotlight hit on the various aspects of the course and opportunities, there has been a rise in the enrolment of students.
  • It’s a rising field and slowly gaining up the pace. In spite of the crippled opportunities available in the current scenario, based on trends the future has a lot to offer the aspirants in this field because the future is space and studies have confirmed the private organizations’ interest in this field.

Final Words:

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