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Adding stevia to daily diet is safe

by c-incognito
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Some people say that Stevia is bad for your health and it can harm your body. Whereas there are people who say things otherwise. Due to these contrary things, it becomes difficult for people to decide what should be done. There are people who consider using Stevia Power highly beneficial because it helps in weight loss and many other things. Whereas, there are people who consider it to be something with side effects and harmful. 

If you too are unable to decide the same thing, then let us tell you about it. In this blog, we are going to discuss the important things related to stevia. From its usage to side effects (if any) we will be discussing all the points. So that if you are having any doubts related to this product; they will be cleared right at the end of this blog.

What is stevia?

You must have heard about the fact that refined sugar contains negative health effects and that it shows over time. But stevia is considered to be a perfect alternative to refined sugar. And not just that, it substitutes sugar in the best way possible without any harmful effects.

So, if we were to define stevia; it can be done by saying that it is a natural sweetener that is derived from the leaves of the stevia plant. Although it is considered to have 0 calories; it still has a drawback that it contains a sweetening effect that’s 200 times the table sugar humans consume. But because of the “0 calories” tag; it is known to be a great product for weight loss.

What benefits does stevia hold?

Considering the fact that it has no calories and is used by people who wish to lose weight; there are multiple other benefits of using it. Here are some important stevia benefits you must know.

  • Blood Sugar controlling agent

Many doctors and dieticians say that stevia is a perfect replacement for table sugar and not just that; it is a healthier replacement of the same. Because it doesn’t contain non-glycemic sweeteners, a consumer will never face an abrupt or drastic change in their blood-sugar level. That’s why it is known to be a product that controls blood sugar levels in the body.

  • Can help in controlling cholesterol level

Another very important benefit of Stevia is that it helps in controlling cholesterol levels. There have been multiple studies over the past, in which we can see positive results for the same have been shown. A comparison was made between a group of people who consume table sugar regularly and a group of people who were made to consume Stevia powder. In this, it was found that the second half of the group was found to show no signs of cholesterol in their body.

  • Helps in losing weight

As we have already talked about this point in the first paragraph of this blog, regular consumption of Stevia over table sugar helps in losing weight. The director and the most prominent reason why this happens is due to the lack of cholesterol in a Stevia powder box. Studies have shown that people who regularly consume Stevia do not miss out on the sweeping part but surely skip adding extra calories to their bodies. Stevia also helps in adding extra energy to your body without any side effects.

Side effects of Stevia

Although there is much evidence that using stevia is completely safe, there have been discoveries where it is shown that some side-effects of stevia can be alarming. But that’s not something to bother too much because it doesn’t happen to everyone. Here are some of them:

  • It has been noted that because Stevia offers 0-calories like other sweeteners, it can interfere with gut bacteria. Which are beneficial bacteria for our body. It is important because of its role as disease prevention, immunity booster, as well as making digestion better.
  • According to research, the sudden deprivation of calories that happens when a person switches from table sugar to Stevia can cause repercussions. In this, a person might end up consuming more calories rather than cutting them down.
  • Some people also think that regular usage of Stevia can cause blood sugar level imbalance in your body and it can lead to a few medical problems. But the problems are yet not described openly or haven’t been affirmative too.


So we have put every point in this blog and now each of them is on your plate. We believe all the pointers that we have given above would be helpful for you to decide whether to use Stevia or not. Although there are some side-effects of using this product, the benefits that we can get from it are all way better and stronger than its counterpart.

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