Mon. Sep 25th, 2023
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Using social media for e-commerce businesses.

If you are not sure how to make the most of popular social media in China for your e-commerce business, you should start by choosing the right channels. Here are a few steps that you can keep in so that the channels you choose work according to your plans:

  1. Know your customer’s demographics

It is crucial to know the personas of your target audience. You should try to find out their firmographic and demographic details so that you can select the channels that they are most likely to use. For example, if you are targeting the young generation for your products and services, you can check out the channels that suit their age groups. Starting a TikTok channel and connecting with your target audience may work in your favour.

  1. Keep an eye on your competitors

After shortlisting the social channels, it is time to research what your competitors are doing. See what channels they are using to promote their businesses. In most cases, the social channels that your competitors use may also work for you.

You need to focus on learning, responding, and listening to make your social media marketing strategies effective. This would also allow you to make content that leaves a long-lasting impression on your audience.

According to researchers, Peter Field and Les Binet, you should always maintain a balance between your sales activation and brand-building content.

  1. Brand-building content

Brand-building content focuses on conveying your business’s core message to your target audience. It ensures that potential customers know about your business and how they can benefit if they opt for your products or services. If you are the owner of an eCommerce business and need advice on your social media marketing then I would highly recommend that you get in touch with Air Social.

  1. Set your goals

You shouldn’t think that a million people would know about your business within one week. Instead, it’s wise to set realistic goals that you can achieve through social media marketing. For example, if you choose Instagram and Facebook as your two preferred social media channels, you should take a look at the analytics of each marketing campaign. Do they provide the type of success that you expect? If they do, you can pay attention to different ways to increase your brand’s reach on these platforms.

Best strategies to use social media marketing for e-commerce businesses. The social media strategy you choose should align with the channel you select in the first place.

You can’t develop random content and hope that your target audience will find it on social media. On the contrary, it’s essential to personalize your customers’ interests if you want your strategy to work efficiently.

SmartInsights offers three tips to provide personalized experiences on social media channels:

Listening: Always listen to what your customers say about your products and services. Compare their feedback with the reviews that your competitors get. Work on how the customers feel you can improve to make your brand popular.

Learning: Keeping your ears open to reviews of your customers would allow you to make analytical and informed decisions on the type of content you want to create for your target audience.

Responding: Communicating with existing customers and potential customers can make a difference to how the audience feels about your brand. They would understand that you care about them and may show more interest in your product or service.

Sales activation content: This type of content pushes potential customers into buying the products. It focuses more on conversions and targets hot prospects who may buy the products immediately. For example, Nutrafol uses a story-telling approach in their sales activation content to attract customers.


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