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A Plus-Size Style Guide: Choosing the Right Dress in Metairie

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Choosing the right dress can make everyone look stunning and show the curse despite what size you are. Before you shop make sure to read some tips and find the right place to buy your dress so you can get a good fit. Pearl’s Place offers the largest selection of plus-size gowns in Metairie and they have staff who can help you find the perfect fit for you. Here are some things you need to know before you pick a dress:

What style looks best on plus size in Metairie?

Some styles can make reveal the body’s best features, for plus size style here are some clothes that can fit you well:

  • Midi-cut skirts can make you look taller.
  • Wrap dresses can emphasize your waist and flatter your figure.
  • Straight frame dress and make you look taller too
  • Fit-and-flare dresses can define your silhouette by tucking in your waist. 
  • Peplum tops can design your bust and also your waist. 
  • Scoop neck can direct the eye upward and define your bust. 
  • Structured tops can keep your curves in place by using elements such as darting, smocking, and ruching. 
  • V-neck tops 
  • This style elongates the upper body and defines the neckline. 
  • Skinny or skimpy jeans give a leg-lengthening effect. 
  • Bootcut jeans can balance your curve due to their flare effect. 
  • Straight jeans elongate the legs as well as your whole frame. 
  • High-waist jeans can give you tummy control construction and define your waist as well. 

How do you pick plus-size gowns?

Know your body type 

Getting your specific body type can help you know what cut and styles are better for you. Each body type has a corresponding cut and style that fits them and can define the curves in your body. 

Pick the right cut 

There is always a cut that matches a body type. There are three cuts to choose from: Empire, A-line, and straight. A-line can be a good choice since it can match almost all body types. It tightens around your bust and then flows down to your body, this can enhance your body curves. It can highlight both your upper and lower body. 

Don’t go for large prints 

Large prints in your gown give you a disproportionate look. Small patterns can break down dark colors and give more proportion to your body. 

Put on a Strong Foundation 

Having the right undergarments when wearing a gown can help you achieve the result you want. So invest in the right undergarments, ones that will avoid you from feeling discomfort will all the bulges. A slimming body suit can be a good solution for tucking these bulges.  

How do you look good if you are plus size?

Know the basics on what cut and style fit your body type in that way you can get the right fitting. Asking for professional help can also give you a lot of tips on what to wear and what not to. 

What is flattering on plus-size figures?

If you want a flattering look go for these fashion:

Black clothing 

Black never fails to be the all-time favorite color when it comes to giving you a slimmer figure. Black clothing is perfect for a plus-size body since it gives you a slimmer appearance. 

Dark Wash Jeans 

Light color can emphasize the things that you don’t want people to notice, when shopping for jeans wearing dark wash jeans can be perfect. It can enhance your curves and stretchy pants can also bring out your fuller figure. 

What colors look good on plus size?

Dark colors are best to make you look slimmer and there are other tricks that may help you level up your styles:

Layer Colors

Layering light colors under dark ones can be a good trick. You can wear a light blouse under a dark blazer to give a vertical line effect which can make your upper torso look slimmer and longer. 

Bright-colored statement

Used accessories that are bright in color can attract attention so they will focus on them instead of looking at your attire. Wear a bright necklace or a handbag. 

Slimming Stripes 

Go for vertical stripes when you want to wear striped clothes since the effect can make you look slimmer. Don’t use horizontal stripes since it will make you look bigger. 


Now that we have discussed the topic of: A plus-size style guide: Choosing the right dress you can now start changing your wardrobes to ones that can define your curves and make you look slimmer. 

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