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Enrol Your Kids In Online Guitar Classes For A Bright Musical Future

Whether you’re a well-established guitar player who is looking for different options to build your music library or a complete beginner planning to start learning guitar for the very first time, online guitar classes can turn out to be a major source of relief for all of you. Today, with the advancement of technology, you can explore the best online guitar classes as per your requirements and skills. All the online guitar courses come with a unique set of features that will help you to master the instrument like a pro. These online guitar classes can be easily accessed using a laptop or a tablet for that matter. Therefore, to make your guitar learning experience a memorable one, we have curated a helpful guide on the trendy online guitar platforms that will be a popular choice for beginners as well as well-established musicians. 

So let’s take a look at each online guitar platform individually.

Popular Online Guitar Classes Of 2022

  1. Guitar Tricks 

The foundation stone for Guitar Tricks was laid down in 1998 and since then, these online guitar classes have turned out to be a popular choice amongst budding guitarists. Well, it has evolved into a comprehensive platform with more than 1,000 songs from a range of different bands and genres. And it has more than 11,000 lessons. Your kids will get an opportunity to learn the basics of guitar under the guidance of expert and top-notch instructors from all over the world. 

 a) Pros-

  • With 1,000+ lessons your kids will have access to comprehensive guitar learning and education. 
  • A free trial is available for kids who are interested in knowing the functionality of the platform. 
  • The online guitar classes offered by Guitar Tricks will enable your kids to learn music at their own pace. 
  • You can even access the video section to learn the guitar in a step-wise-step manner. 

 b) Cons-

  • There is no option to learn bass guitar.
  • Technically, the overall cost of the website and the courses is not affordable. 
  • The website can be confusing to navigate. 
  1. Artist Works 

Artist Works is a new option to learn and master the basics of playing guitar. The platform was established in 2008 and offers 50,000+ video lessons for kids. In case you are looking for guitar classes for beginners and guitar classes for adults, Artist Works should be at the top of your list. Another advantage of using Artist Works is that you’ll be able to send messages to your instructors in a video format. Thereby, enabling them to track your`.

 a) Pros-

  • The platform offers a range of music styles, including fingerstyle, bluegrass, and classical.
  • The messaging option adds a personalized touch to your learning experience.
  • The platform is extremely flexible when it comes to pricing. 
  • Artists associated with the platform are not only experienced but are famous music personalities. 

 b) Cons-

  • The video player used by the platform is outdated.
  • The catalog of songs is not that impressive. 
  • The platform is not very easy to navigate. 
  1. TrueFire

Another great platform for learning guitar is TrueFire. Since its conception n 1991, TrueFire has been a leading provider of guitar web lessons. The website offers around 40,000 video lessons and 700+ courses for beginners, and intermediate guitar players. The USP of this platform is its attention to little details and techniques. It also allows the users to learn guitar at their own pace. 

 a) Pros-

  • Private lessons are available for the learners. 
  • TrueFire has more than 200 instructors associated with its platform.
  • TrueFire is also available on android and iOS. 

 b) Cons-

  • A majority of the TrueFire features are not available unless you pay for them. 
  • If you’re a beginner, you may feel a little lost. 
  • Since the platform purely focuses on correcting the techniques, there are not many songs available on the platform. 
  1. JamPlay

JamPlay was started in 2006, and since its inception, the platform has grown successfully with more than 6,500 lessons and more than 100 instructors. A membership with the platform can offer you many opportunities and benefits as an experienced and upcoming guitar artist. The entire website is very smartly planned and the guitar tabs are very convenient and easy to use because they can even work on mobile devices. 

 a) Pros- 

  • The platform is filled with excellent quality and enriching content. 
  • JamPlay’s website is easy to navigate and follow. 
  • From blues to rock and celtic, you can explore an end number of music genres. 
  • Trial membership is also available to explore and browse through the JamPlay website. 

 b) Cons-

  • Some iconic and popular stars are missing from JamPlay’s playlist. 
  • Some of the advanced guitar lessons can feel incomplete. 
  • For beginners, JamPlay can be difficult to use and understand. 

Final Words

These are the top 4 online guitar learning platforms that will be a popular choice for your budding musicians. However, you can also explore PiggyRide’s website and take a look at their online guitar classes for kids. Considered the best online learning platform for kids, they offer more than 1,000+ courses. Furthermore, they also offer guitar classes for beginners, guitar classes for kids at the intermediate level, and guitar classes for adults. And the best part about their online guitar classes is that your kids will be trained under the guidance of experienced and well-qualified instructors. So, if you want your kids to ace the basics of guitar enrol them in online guitar classes now!

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