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A Complete Checklist For Your Twins Arrival

by John

Expecting twins is exciting for any expecting mother and, at the same time, very panic-inducing. You may be overwhelmed with the expenses and budgets of the incoming little delights, but it is normal to feel this way. Although babies are very tiny, they still require a good bulk of things, especially when expecting twins or multiples.

Here’s some good news that might relieve some of your stress: you don’t really need two or everything for your babies. For example, you need more quantity of baby formula, but you do not need two breast pumps.


We have made a list of baby essentials that you will need for your twin babies.



Your babies require separate clothes for hygienic purposes. Do not share and mix up your twins’ clothes!

On the bright side, brands offer bundles for baby clothing that includes 3-4 products in one bundle. This means you can get matching clothes for your little ones in bundles to save money. Here’s what you’re going to need:

  • Onesies (you should have at least four per baby)
  • Seasonal apparel
  • 2-4 pairs of Trousers and pants (of soft materials for baby’s comfort)
  • 4-6 pairs of socks and gloves per baby
  • 2-3 pairs of Hand mittens
  • 2-3 blankets per baby
  • 3-4 baby caps
  • Lots and lots of bibs.

Baby gear.

Baby gear is something that your babies will need individually. For example, you cannot buy one high chair for your twins because both your babies will need a chair at the same time. But you can get double baby gear for your relief. You can easily find double baby strollers in the store and save up on the deal. Double strollers are cheaper than two separate strollers. Shop for double strollers in NZ online to find the most suitable strollers at reasonable prices. You cannot compromise on baby gear, but you can save up by getting double baby gear.



Nursery items.

Here’s a list of items that you need for your babies

  • Cribs and crib mattresses.


Although you can get a single baby crib for both your babies, your child will soon outgrow and might harm each other with constant wriggling and clawing at each other, and you will eventually need to get two cribs. Hence the more money-saving option is to get two cribs and mattresses from the very beginning.


  • Storage units (dressers)

You can get one big dresser with several compartments to save money. Remember to keep both babies’ things separate from one another.


  • Baby swings (one for each baby)
  • Baby monitor and white noise machine

You do not need two different baby monitors and white noise machines if your babies share a room. So you can save your money here!


  • Baby carriers (one for each baby)


Bathing supplies.

This is where you can save a good amount. Following is a list of items you will definitely need but will save a good amount on.


  • Baby shampoos (getting a max-sized bottle saves more than two regular-sized bottles)
  • Baby diapers (again, get the maximum quantity of diapers)
  • Baby care sets (must include baby lotions, powder, bathing gel, baby oil, etc.)
  • Rash creams.

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