Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

In zoos and even water parks, there are particular FRP and speciality steel products that need to be used in construction to ensure that they are safe spaces for everyone. It is also important that anti-slip walkways are constructed as well as fences to ensure that anyone who uses the space is safe and can remain in the correctly designated areas. Additionally, the aesthetics of parks and zoos are important since they are necessary to attract people to them.

Besides the areas where customers use, the behind the scenes areas where the employees work also need to be safe and well constructed. As a result, our safe steel products should be used in these areas to ensure the safety of everyone and prevent the loss of lives. If you are looking for fencing supplies then see here.

With that said, we will now discuss some of the products that are typically used in zoos and parks.

Zoos & Recreational Parks

Our FRP products and fabricated speciality steel products allow you to easily design and create beautiful and completely safe zoo or park areas that are suitable for anyone to use. In these spaces, you’ll need to have platforms, walkways, rails, fencing etc. These are all necessary to separate the animals or attractions from the persons who are visiting. This is essential so that everyone, including the animals remain safe while having fun.

Keeping animals contained is important but it should also be done in an aesthetic way while ensuring safety is a high priority for customers and employees. In order to have a safe environment, there should always be handrails, walkways, pipe bridges etc. The steel used for these elements should be extremely strong and durable while being able to withstand the elements. Marco actually creates specially fabricated steel for these areas and they can be used in many different applications.

Products For Zoos & Parks

The great thing about our FRP products and speciality steel is that they work well in wet environments while maintaining a desirable aesthetic and high structural integrity. Our large inventory has everything that you can possibly need.

Bar grating: In big facilities, this particular material is commonly used as it is a load-bearing surface that is panelled. It is widely used in various zoos and parks. We have many versions of bar gratings such as riveted, welded, aluminium, press-locked as well as heavy-duty. We also have stair treads that will ensure that patrons in the zoos or water parks are always safe and can easily move.

Expanded metal: This particular type of metal is light while being very strong. This allows it to be used to reinforce concrete, create security fencing and even patios. This metal has openings that are diamond-shaped which makes it quite attractive. It is usually covered in PVC or powder coating and then used to make tables, benches and chairs that can be used in the park or zoo.

Orsogril fencing material: This is a great material that is typically used for fencing. It can also provide more security since it doesn’t have any footholds. If you want a more attractive solution then Sterope grating is a great option and it is typically seen in schools and car parks.

Perforated metal: We not only supply perforated metal but also custom fabricate it with different types of patterns such as square holes, round holes, slots and even custom shapes. Since we can customize any decorative pattern into the metal, this makes it fantastic to use in recreational areas since they not only look great but offer a high level of security. They also help to improve ventilation in the area as well as filtration. This makes this metal perfect for parks and zoos that have different indoor and outdoor environments.

Wire mesh: This is a very versatile product that can be used in an unlimited number of ways. We at Marco can supply woven wire mesh as well as welded wire cloth. Wire cloth, in particular, can be used in many different ways such as security fencing, hand railings etc due to its versatility and strength.


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