9 Reasons why you must go solo!

9 Reasons why you must go solo!

January 22, 2020 0 By Anonymus

Hey you! Pack your bags and cover yourself in some groovy and comfy clothes, we are off to travel your adventurous self in solo mode. As soothing and relaxing travelling can be, it can be a dreamy adventure to travel alone as well. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, there are always some soothing pleasures of travelling alone.Sit back, relax and allow us to enlighten you in 9 different ways that why you should consider travelling solo to get the most out of your travelling time.

A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone

Well, you know what Tyrion said and its absolutely right. So, gear up yourself and use your solo travel time to read books, novels or any magazine that fancies you. To be honest, if you can put some effort into this, you can get yourself a new hobby and it will definitely be a fruitful thing.
So, get up to your bookshelf and pack some good books to enjoy on your travel to the promised land. Just remember that reading is more fun with a book, so don’t kill the fun by saving some e-books.

Oh my God, this view is mesmerizing!

Of course, we are not talking about your subway travel time here. But if you are off to treat yourself with a vacation to a new place then instead of being occupied in a gossip session with your friends you will actually have time to let the beautiful views sink in you if you travel solo. This way you will be able to take more with you on your way back home, than some mere pics in your smartphone which you will just get rid of in some time.

Make new friends

Solo travelling will allow you to interact with new people and who knows who you can hit off with. Especially in travel hostels like Zostel. It’s a place where you will get new experiences and memories to hold on for a lifetime. This is the point where you will feel all grown up and independent and we know people who prefer to travel solo wish to remain solo just because they think they do not want to be bothered.
So, let yourself go on the road to new opportunities and experiences, meet new souls and connect with them. Who knows, you end up with the one who’s destined for you. And if even not, you can end up with some true and dedicated friendships as you go back home.

Explore yourself

Treating yourself with some alone time will allow you to wander. Travelling solo will give you the luxury of brainstorming your creative ideas which are locked deep inside you. And don’t worry this will not make you a weirdo.
Spending time alone at places that can soothe your mind and soul, will make you feel relaxed and calm. If you have been suffering from depression or anxiety, you can feel the soothing effects of travelling in an obvious manner. Get to know yourself, sit around the calming nature and feel the voice inside you. According to research, we all need some alone time to detox ourselves.

Stop when you please

Make stops whenever you want to and get going as you feel ready because you are travelling solo! So, here’s to no more being bounded and travelling free as a bird. You can explore additional places you want to and skip the ones which don’t attract you. Make unannounced stops, spend hours by the lake or gazing at the mountains and get going whenever you want to. Wander around the shops while sightseeing. There isn’t any rush so take your time.

Live on the edge

Every great adventure begins with travel. Solo travelling will be a great way to introduce yourself to new adventures and bring out the Tomb Raider in you. People often start their interesting stories with the phrase “When I was backpacking across central Europe”, so why it can’t be you to share your adventurous stories? So, if you are looking for an adventure, solo travelling is the first step you need to take.
Let the excitement step out of you and show the world that you are ready for every adventure that it gives you!

Eat, sleep, travel and repeat

Usually, when you have travelling companions, you are not left with the luxury of choosing your own meal, hotel or mode of conveyance. Since for most of these things you will be pooling with the others. So, travelling solo will allow you to choose whatever you like. You might even save some money since you won’t be under peer pressure.
This is your time to cherish your life. Let it be in the flow that comes naturally. Don’t force yourself for any chore, just relax and let the soothing nature please you. Travelling solo will be one of the most relaxing trips for you.

Dress up nice

I know this might sound a bit weird, but when you are travelling with people along, you are a bit concerned about the dress you pick. Well, if you travel solo you don’t have to. Get dressed in an attire that you have been saving for weeks back home. This is where people don’t know you and aren’t judging you at all. You can even travel in a Michael Jackson Costume which you can easily get from Star Wars Jacket.

Embrace the sense of achievement

YES, YOU DID IT! This is what you have been planning for since long and finally, you are done with it. Travelling along requires a lot of courage and confidence. You have made a memorable trip of your life where you had the chance of exploring your inner self.
So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to cherish the best moments of your life. This journey will be something that you can cherish for long. Get ready to experience life. Good luck!

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