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8 Items Pet Parents Need to Cross Off their Dog Gifting List!

by hussainjani759

Pet parents must ponder on the virtues of pet products before adding them to their shopping carts. As dog parents, we wish to give the best to our furry friends. Yet, sometimes our naive judgment may lead to incorrect purchase decisions. It is our responsibility as pet owners to check the essentials we are providing our pets. We need to toss from our shopping list any item that seems to be a potential threat to our dogs’ safety. Of course, you can use your cheap dog insurance to get your pet treated for any mishap but prevention is so much better than cure.

Pet insurance for dogs is essential to provide your pet dog with the medical attention he deserves, whether due to an accident, illness or for routine care. A cheap dog insurance policy helps you afford your pet dog’s regular medical checkups, vaccinations, prescribed medicines, and a lot more. So, you can save some money and get your pet treated with quality healthcare at the same time. Don’t you think buying a policy is a wise move to make? Have this backup, but take care of what you allow your pet dog to use.

Some dog gifts you need to avoid buying.

Fancy costumes!

First, not all dog outfits are comfortable. If your dog doesn’t love the texture or fit, you better discard that selection. Some materials may catch flames easily, and a few others may cause choking due to getting caught around your pet’s neck.

Retractable leads!

Leads of this kind have a string that extends as your pet dog moves, and you can control them with the push of a button on the plastic handle. These may look pretty helpful, but they can cause injuries, rope burns, and deep cuts in dogs.

Choke collars!

Such collars are used to stop your pet dog from pulling the leash. These products function by causing pain and discomfort for your pet, so they stop pulling. This is strictly not advised, as it can wound your dog physically and emotionally.

Cheap dog toys!

Some dog toys aren’t strong enough to withstand your pet’s handling of them. They may be terribly made, torn apart, or easily broken. You never know, your pet may swallow it and put itself in grave danger. Your vet may need to remove it by performing surgery if it gets stuck in the throat, stomach, or intestines.

Unsafe treats!

Some treats may jeopardize your dog’s health, whether as choking hazards or because they are too fatty, salty or just plain poisonous to dogs. The best thing you can do is take your vet’s advice before buying any for your pet. Follow your vet’s recommendation to keep your paw friend safe.

Healthy chews!

It will be best if you offer your safe pet chews. When buying them, make sure they aren’t too hard such that they damage your canine’s teeth. Ensure they don’t splinter, aren’t too small to be swallowed and don’t have sharp edges that will injure your pet dog.


Bone splinters may damage the mouth or digestive tract. Also, chewing them excessively can damage teeth. Bones are attributed to a good percentage of the intestinal obstructions commonly seen in dogs.

Plastic food dishes/water bowls!

You may notice cracks, peels, or deep scratches if the plastic items have worn out. When the food items or water comes in contact with these areas, hazardous chemicals may be released into the bowl contents, especially in hot conditions.

Many vets have observed pets being injured or having fallen ill due to the use of unsafe pet products. So, when you are heading out to buy some attractive festive gifts for your canine friend, examine the product – its composition, contents, and usage guidelines – before swiping your card to complete the purchase.

While being careful and taking precautionary steps are helpful, some events are beyond our control. With cheap dog insurance, your pet is covered for accident care, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, and other pet health emergencies. Buy suitable pet insurance for dogs, so your fur family member stays guarded in times of challenging health conditions.

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