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The maintenance of a commercial building is a huge responsibility that may impact the flow of commercial activity. The inability to keep the commercial building clean and up-to-date may depreciate its value. 

While the wear and tear of commercial property are understood, not fixing it can affect its future sale price. Especially if you rent out your commercial property, regular maintenance is necessary for making your tenants stick around. If you don’t play your part in maintenance, it could affect your lease agreement. 

Building maintenance includes minor repairs, necessary renovations, and routine cleaning. Though similar to maintaining a residential property, maintenance of a commercial property takes up more time, labor, money, and resources. It is partly due to a larger traffic flow into the commercial building and its size.  

Nonetheless, keeping a commercial building up and running isn’t difficult when you have great services : https://www.phs.co.uk/our-services/washroom-hygiene/. Timely maintenance prevents more significant issues from arising while keeping a smooth flow of business activities. 

This article addresses eight tips essential for maintaining a commercial building.  

  • Check everything timely

Do a quick run-through of your commercial property quarterly or monthly. Checking every nook and cranny helps identify damage before it escalates into something costly. The routine checkups don’t have to be meticulous but look at damage-prone areas like plumbing or electrical units. 

  • Regular cleaning 

Property maintenance isn’t simply updating fixtures or doing a run-through every few months. Commercial buildings get more traffic than a home, therefore are more exposed to germs and dirt. Even if you regularly clean the building, disinfection and sanitization are necessary, especially in the post-pandemic era. If you live in Alabama, look up “commercial cleaning services Mobile Alabama,” and you will come across Enviro-Master. It is a renowned cleaning and disinfection company that helps commercial property owners keep their buildings clean and safe. 

  • Timely fix damaged areas

Following the routine checkups of your commercial property, timely fix any damaged areas. To keep your commercial property running smoothly, fixing a problem as soon as it arises is imperative, rather than letting it escalate into a significant expense. Tasks like cleaning the air filters, seasonal service of the HVAC system, and painting and renovation jobs, if done on time, can prevent more significant issues in the future. Not servicing the HVAC system on time can raise your electricity bill or cause malfunctioning. An inefficient system will need replacement, and you’ll have a hefty bill in your mail before you know it.

  • High traffic areas

As mentioned above, commercial property gets more traffic than a home. It implies that commercial buildings are more prone to dirt and damage in high-traffic zones like a bank’s waiting area or the central lobby of a store. High-traffic areas’ walls, floors, and seating may require more care and attention. When doing routine checkups, focus on these areas. For example, you may have to apply a fresh coat of paint on the walls in a high-traffic zone or get the seats upholstered. Well-maintained high-traffic areas can bolster your commercial property’s appeal and set a good impression on the visitors. 

  • Upgrade fixtures

Besides cleaning, maintaining a commercial building involves updating minor details like fixtures. Damaged bulbs, broken benches in the waiting area, scuffed glass, and damaged door knobs can leave a wrong impression on visitors. Broken or outdated fixtures may downgrade your commercial property’s value. Ensure timely replacement of fixtures to avoid a pile of maintenance and renovation tasks. 

  • Replace worn-out machinery on time

Suppose your commercial activity relies on machinery and technical equipment. In that case, you may want to replace worn-out parts or machinery. Sometimes it may be feasible to replace only a part of equipment if the overall performance is up to par. In other cases, you may get a resale value from depreciated machinery or equipment. Reselling a machine can cover some costs of buying the new appliance or equipment. Though not directly linked with building maintenance, efficient machinery keeps the workflow consistent. In addition, it helps focus on other high-value commercial activities. 

  • Check for mold 

Mold can harm your commercial property and business more than you might imagine. Cleaning up mold can be time-consuming and interrupt your business’s workflow. Mold is concerning because it can also cause other damage like rotting of wood, plumbing issues, or impose serious health risks for people inside the building. To avoid a heap of maintenance bills in the future, check for mold and get it fixed as soon as possible. 

  • Make sure your building meets the legal maintenance code

Every state has a criterion of cleanliness for commercial buildings. As a building owner, make sure your commercial property meets maintenance perquisites. Hire an expert to conduct routine plumbing and electricity audits. It is also necessary to disinfect the property regularly. Not following through may land you in legal issues that will add to your expenses. 


Commercial buildings get more traffic than non-commercial property like homes and thus are more prone to damage and become dirty and unhygienic. Besides the cleanliness factor, diligently looking after a commercial building is necessary to maintain its monetary value. Especially if you rent out your commercial building, you want to make it appealing and safe for your tenants. 




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