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Random video chats have become a popular way to meet people online and converse with them in real-time. Azar recently came as one of the other platforms for random video chatting, allowing users to interact with strangers worldwide. 

However, there are other alternatives that offer similar features as Azar, some of which may be more suitable depending on user preferences. This article will look at seven of the best alternatives available for those interested in random video chat.

7 Alternatives to Azar


Shagle is a free random video chat platform that offers an alternative to for users looking to connect with strangers. It provides a diverse range of features, including the ability to search gender and age filters, add friends, create private rooms, and access messaging functions. 


Tinychat is a web-based platform for real-time video chat. It can be accessed on any device with an internet connection, and it allows users to communicate with each other through text or audio messages as well as live streaming videos. 

Tinychat has several features that make it one of the top alternatives for random video chatting, such as its user interface which is easy to use and understand; its ability to create private rooms where only invited participants can join in on conversations; and its options for creating and hosting public group chats.


Fruzo stands out among other dating networks as it provides an engaging platform where users can meet others with similar interests and values in an open environment. It’s easy to use, secure and loaded with features that are designed for successful matchmaking — no wonder why so many people have fallen in love with Fruzo! With this fantastic alternative at your disposal, you’ll never miss out on making meaningful connections again!

Gomeet.Today is an increasingly popular alternative to for random video chat. It offers users a simple, fast, and easy-to-use platform that provides free access to public chat rooms or private conversations with people from around the world. The platform also allows users to create their own chat room and invite others to join them in conversation. In addition, has built-in features such as text messages, group messaging, image sharing, and voice calls which make talking more exciting and engaging.

The interface is user-friendly and intuitive so it’s easy for anyone to get started using the platform quickly without having any prior knowledge about technology or software development. 


Spinchat is a widely used random chat site on the internet. It provides a straightforward and enjoyable service, allowing users to join existing chat rooms related to various topics or even create their own for discussions. People can also send private messages for convenient communication. The platform is available without registration, making it an ideal option for instant messaging.

In addition to chatting, Spinchat has other activities such as quizzes, polls and online games including tic-tac-toe and four in a row. Users are able to pick avatars and customize profiles with backgrounds and fonts. All these features make Spinchat an excellent choice for connecting with people around the world.


Chatrandom is a great alternative to for random video chat. It works similarly by connecting strangers from around the world and allowing two-way video chat conversations with users of different genders, nationalities, or interests. Like, it has many user options such as location filters and age restrictions that make it easy to find other people who share similar interests or characteristics.


Holla is a free video chat app that enables users to connect with others randomly across the world. The platform offers some unique features like gender filters, safe environment and casual conversations. It also provides an ‘Interests’ section where people can add their favorite topics of conversation and connect with other users who share similar interests. 


Faceflow is an online platform that provides users with a real-time, interactive video chat experience. It empowers people to make connections through conversations and allows them to meet new friends from around the world.

Faceflow is one of the best alternatives of for random video chats because it offers several advantages:

1) It has a user friendly interface that makes it easy to use by anyone.

2) The website can be accessed on any device including smartphones so users can stay connected wherever they go.

3) Its powerful search engine enables users to find potential matches based on their interests or location.

4) FaceFlow also provides private messaging which gives users more control over how much information they want to share with other users. All these features combine together to provide an engaging and enjoyable chatting experience for its members. 

Frequently asked questions on alternatives to Azar

What are some alternatives to Azar for random video chat?

Some alternatives include Shagle, Tinychat,, Chatrandom, Holla, and FaceFlow.

Are all of these alternatives free to use?

Yes, all of these platforms offer free access for users.

Does FaceFlow provide any additional features?

FaceFlow has several features including a user-friendly interface, access on any device, a powerful search engine, and private messaging.

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