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7 tips to secure your Instagram account from hackers

7 tips to secure your Instagram account from hackers

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Nowadays, Instagram is the most famous and well-liked picture-sharing social media platform on the internet. It is an interesting way to bring out your creative side while clicking pictures and sharing them with your friends on Instagram. Moreover, Instagram is an amazing social media platform where you can share your work or even build your brand. Also, it is a great way to explore different types of content around the world. However, almost all social media platforms brings a set of challenges and risks for your personal information.

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Instagram has 1 billion active users all around the world, therefore, the Instagram platform and your account can become the target of hackers. Owing to an evident spell of hacking on Instagram these days, people often feel concerned about how to secure and prevent their Instagram accounts from falling prey to hackers. Certainly, getting your account (which contains your personal information and photos) hacked can be a horrible situation for anyone, especially if you have  a business account on Instagram and your sales and leads are highly dependent on it. 

The most important question that arises in people’s minds is what steps should be taken  to secure  their Instagram account?

In this article, we will tell you all the  necessary steps that should be taken to  acquire maximum security for your Instagram account in order to prevent your account from getting hacked or having your personal information being exposed to hackers or scammers. 

How to check if your Instagram profile is hacked

If you ever you feel like something is wrong with your recently uploaded pictures on your Instagram account as well as the comments you exchanged with your friends or you are unable to login to your Instagram account although you’re entering the correct credentials, don’t waste time and do a quick online search so you could check and see if  your Instagram account is hacked. 

In case you find out that your account is hacked, don’t stress out much! You can always recover your account if you follow the following step. 

Recovering your account

Every month, one billion people are using Instagram platform all across the globe which makes it an easy target for hackers and scammers. If you are noticing that some unusual activities are happening to your account, immediately cancel access to all the unknown and suspicious third-party apps. Moreover, change your password right away and turn on  two-factor authentication on your account.

In this way, if someone would attempt to change the password of your Instagram account or email, the Instagram app will automatically send you a confirmation text on the registered number. It will allow you to decline this change which would prevent the hacker from accessing your profile

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Wanna know how to protect your account from hackers? 

Following are the quick ways to secure  your Instagram account and avoid falling into hacker’s traps.

1. Don’t  connect your Instagram with Facebook

Mostly, people link their Instagram account and other apps with their Facebook account to login which is the biggest mistake ever because if someone gets your Facebook credentials, he/she can hack all your linked accounts within no time. Therefore, always create separate logins and different passwords for every account that you have. It will prevent you from getting into trouble in the future.

2. Setup a difficult and strong password

You should always create a difficult and strong password that contains digits, upper and lowercase letters, and special characters. We suggest you to try out a password manager to attain maximum security for your Instagram account. 

Instagram account

Setup a difficult and strong password

Password managers create strong passwords which are difficult to break, hence,  keeps your account secure. Moreover, you should often change your passwords as it is probably the best practice of cyber hygiene.

3. Always be careful while uploading your posts

Undoubtedly, the most important element of Instagram security is the pictures that you upload on your profile and mostly people don’t even think about it and it’s consequences. While posting something on Instagram, always pre-check the background details of the photo that  you are uploading. Because if there are any letters or bank cards (which contains your address or other personal information) left in the frame unknowingly, it  could expose these sensitive details to the hackers and they can easily take advantage of it by breaking into your account. Moreover, always be cautious and never add your location to your posts. If you tag photos with the location of your home, you are indirectly letting the hackers or scammers know where you live and they can use your address for breaking into your account.

4. Never talk to strangers

Never open any links which are sent by strangers, in order to avoid being a victim of phishing scam on Instagram. If you find out that an unknown and suspicious account has followed you, immediately block it.

5. Turn on two-factor authentication

In the login process of an account, two-factor authentication is an additional step which provides more security to your account.

By enabling two-factor authentication, every time you login to your account, a confirmation code will be sent to your registered number via sms and you will be required to enter that code in your app. This step provides an additional layer of security to your account, therefore, we highly recommend you to enable it in your settings. 

6. Use a VPN

Using a VPN encrypts your internet traffic. It also masks your IP address which in turn gives you the much needed and necessary digital privacy. Must use VPN if you are ever using Instagram or other apps on public Wi-Fi because it helps you to protect your data and  credentials.

7. Never view Instagram posts on other platforms

There are a number of articles on the internet that contain embedded Instagram videos and pictures and tapping on those pictures and videos will redirect you to the original post. Always be cautious with these embedded links because sometimes scammers create fake Instagram login pages to get hold of your password.If you find any website suspicious, never tap on any link and don’t login to your account as well.

It’s very important for you to take these right steps before time, in order to protect your account from hackers because thousands of online hacking incidents have been reported recently. Lastly, we hope that these tips would be helpful for protecting your account information and you will be more cautious in future. 

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