7 Tips for the Creation And Selling Of Ebooks On Your Website

7 Tips for the Creation And Selling Of Ebooks On Your Website

January 26, 2021 0 By Anonymus

Electronic books, or more popularly known as ebooks, are growing in demand. So much so that they have become one of the most crucial mediums of online marketing. While being a part of a digital marketing strategy, ebooks help publishers and enterprises target audiences among different localities and demographics. 

Due to ebooks increasing popularity and demand, publishers are now more focused on publishing ebooks on several online marketplaces. Some of which include: iBooks, Barnes, Noble, and Amazon. Even authors are leaning more and more towards writing content in the form of an ebook. What’s surprising is the fact that ebooks are not hard to create or to sell. Let us walk you through a few tips and techniques to make and market your ebook on your website. 


  • Creation of your ebook


 The first and foremost step is to create your ebook. It includes identifying your niche audience, deciding a topic, and finally, choosing a title. 

Identifying your target audience is a significant step. That is what will help you decide on the kind of titles and topics to choose. Next is to select an attractive and eye-catching title and subject. Remember, you want maximum customers to buy your ebook; hence, coming up with a killer title is critical. You should also include content that your target audience will enjoy. Your purpose is not to bore them with irrelevant or uninteresting content; instead, make your ebook as appealing as possible. The most famous ebooks are the ones with a personal touch in them. 

Hot tip: Search the Amazon best sellers and rank them in order of sales to get an idea of which titles get results. In non-fiction, – readers are looking for solutions. Use numbers and words like ‘easy’ and ‘quick’ to convince your readers that you have quick and easy answers in their lives. 



Design is also a significant step, and software like the designrr software makes formatting your ebook so much simpler. Your ebook needs to have the right templates, correct color schemes, readable handwriting, appealing images, and paragraphing. These are all key selling points. Many people judge the book by its cover in this case; the more attractive they find your ebook, the higher your sales will be. Online software can help you come up with your choice of formatting in the speediest way. 

However, don’t go overboard with your formatting, be consistent with your writing style, and don’t make your content too colorful. A single-color scheme would do the trick. Also, never forget to put your content in short, easy-to-read paragraphs – this makes it easier for the readers to comprehend. 


  • Edit and proofread


 Always recheck your work. We aren’t superhumans, and mistakes are bound to happen. Proofreading opens the door for editing and ensures there aren’t any typos or grammatical errors. You can also hire a third party to edit and proofread your ebook. This way, you’ll be double sure that there aren’t any mistakes and your ebook is ready to publish. Ensuring conciseness and clarity are the two main objectives behind proofreading. 


  • Choosing a cover 


Since buyers can not touch or feel your ebook, you should emphasize graphics and designs. A good or bad cover can make or break your ebooks business. A good book cover is likely to convey a sense of professionalism to readers, while a not-so-appealing cover depicts amateurism. If you are not a master at graphic designing, hire someone who uses Designrr, which has pre-designed covers. Don’t compromise on your visuals. If your ebook is not visually appealing, prospective buyers are likely not to purchase it. 


  • Add your ebook to a website. 


Once you have completed formatting and editing your ebook, it’s time to upload it online finally. You may choose an already existing online retail store like Amazon or create your website and upload your ebook there. There are plenty of web pages that can help you in designing your website. Make sure to add your ebook’s title, cover image, description, and price on the front page. It might not seem like a difficult step, but it is an essential one that will directly affect the sales your ebook will generate. 


  • Marketing 


You need to have a pre-existing marketing plan and implement it as soon as your ebook is published. Try creating a buzz around your ebook through advertising on different social media platforms, press releases, and blogging. You can target sites your niche audience frequently reads. One way is by looking at keywords for your niche. 


  • Keep track of your sales. 


The final step is to keep tracking your sales and analyzing your target audience frequently. Online platforms usually provide an analytics tab where your sales record gets maintained. You can check and track how many sales you have made and which kind of audience you have purchased from you. 


 The Ebook business is booming. More and more readers are getting diverted from the traditional style of reading print to ebooks. It is primarily because of the variety of hassle-free and convenient online platforms available. Creating an ebook is no child’s play. But if you play your cards right, making and selling ebooks can generate immense revenue and help you achieve many of your business objectives.

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