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Baby Blanket

The last thing a parent would want is for their baby to get disturbed in their sleep or nap time and get up fussy and cranky. So, among many factors that contribute to a night of good sleep for your baby, a comfortable and good-quality baby blanket is one of the most important. Kids find comfort in their baby blanket, and you will see many kids even form a bit of attachment with their first baby blanket. Thus, choosing the right size and type of blanket for your little one is essential. This article will help you understand all you need to know before you start looking for a baby blanket online or in stores near you.

Why Is A Baby Blanket Important

  • Blankets keep the baby warm and cosy during their sleep and nap times.
  • When babies are born, they do not realise that the mother or the caregiver is a separate being. Till almost three months of age, babies see their caregiver or mother as an extension of themselves. Once they understand this, they start feeling anxiety in their mother’s absence. A baby blanket, in many cases, is a transition object that helps them be independent without the mother for a while.
  • Many times, babies get up in their sleep startled. Blankets make them feel snug and replicate the touch of a human being, and they quickly go back to sleep without getting up and crying.
  • On colder nights, the baby blanket will help regulate your baby’s body temperature and keep them warm.

Types Of Baby Blankets

There are three most popular kinds of baby blankets that you will find in the market.

  1. Swaddles – They are perfect for wrapping your newborn in a snug position to put them to sleep. Once your baby starts to roll over, you will need to go for a sheet blanket that the baby can be tucked in but will not be swaddled in anymore.
  2. Sheet Blankets – These are single-layer light and breathable summertime baby blankets that can be used in all seasons in a temperature-controlled room.
  3. Dohar Style Baby Blanket – These blankets have two or more layers of sheets stitched together. Dohar baby blanket is perfect for solder regions, colder seasons or if your baby sleeps in an air-conditioned room. It keeps your baby warm and comfortable in their sleep.

Why Is Right Size Important

              The issue with a smaller blanket is that your baby will not be appropriately covered and might have legs or arms. This might make them feel cold while sleeping and disturb their sleep. Thus, once your baby is a few months old, the swaddle-size baby blanket will not be enough for them.

Coming to adult size or large size blankets – they are a safety hazard for your baby. There is a chance that a large blanket will wind up on your baby’s face, and unless they have control over their neck and developed motor skills, they will not be able to remove the blanket, and there are chances of suffocation. A large blanket will also restrict the movements of your baby. They might keep uncomfortably wiggling under the blanket instead of comfortably tucked in one.

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Thus, going for a baby blanket that is meant for babies, one that usually fits up to eight years, such as SuperBottoms reversible baby blanket, is the best thing to do.

7 Tips For Choosing The Right Baby Blanket

  1. As mentioned in the section above, choose the correct size of blanket that is neither too small nor adult sized.
  2. Choose breathable materials such as cotton, linen, etc., that are comfortable for the baby.
  3. If you are opting for a multi-layered or a dohar-style baby blanket, ensure that the layer that comes in contact with your baby’s skin is cotton or organic cotton material.
  4. Tuck your baby’s shoulders inside the baby blanket while they sleep. Do not keep the ends loose or such that the baby can pull it over their face, as that can pose a suffocating hazard.
  5. The baby blankets with fur might look very pretty, but avoid buying them for your baby. The fur can irritate their respiratory tract if it comes loose and your baby inhales particles of it.
  6. Similarly, if the baby blankets have decorative stuff on them, such as beads, tassels, fringes, shimmer, sequence, ribbons, etc., avoid using them for the baby. Again, if your baby ends up putting them in their mouth by mistake, it can be dangerous for them.
  7. Avoid the blankets that come with a hooded top or hoodie embedded in them. Even if you buy them, use them in the daytime or outside for travel. Avoid using them during sleep time as there is a chance that your baby might pull them over your face.Also know about KGF

Whether it is used to keep the baby snug or give them a sense of security and comfort, a blanket becomes a massive part of a baby’s childhood. Thus, choose a blanket they will fall in love with. Happy Parenting

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