7 Organic Herbs Good for Oily and Dry Skin

7 Organic Herbs Good for Oily and Dry Skin

January 12, 2021 0 By Gaurav Gupta

Whether we have oily or dry skin, a glowing and moisturized face is all we desire in winters. While winter cold creams and moisturizers seem enough to get this work done, the harmful chemicals present in most of them can snatch away our natural beauty. Alternatively, we can also try out some miraculous herbs that can actually make our skin healthy and glowing without any side effects. Unlike moisturizers and cold creams, these herbs are entirely organic with no impurities or chemicals. Today, we will tell you about the seven best organic herbs for skin in winters and how you can apply them to get glowing and moisturized look at home within a few minutes.

Organic herbs in powder form are the best way to go about

While there are many brands available in the market, Indus Valley is famous for its organic products. Widely acclaimed by skincare experts for its purity and multiple benefits, the brand has lots of organic herbs powder beneficial for the skin. Out of them, we have selected seven miraculous bio-organic herbs powder based on users’ recommendations for you.

Seven Best Organic Herbs for both Dry and Oily Skin in Winters

 1) Organic Neem Leaf Powder: If you have oily skin and suffer from frequent acne and pimples in winters, then Indus Valley offers you the best neem powder for skin. Cruelty-free with no artificial additives, the powder is micro-refined and triple-sifted that makes it easy to apply. Its antibacterial properties prevent acne outbreaks and control excessive oil secretion to give you a nourished and glowing look in winters. You can apply it as a face mask by mixing it with any essential oil or rose water twice a week for desired results.

2) Bio-Organic Lemon Peel Powder: Suitable for all skin types, organic lemon peel powder can be used to treat pimples, dryness and skin pigmentation during winters. Entirely organic and safe, it is one of the best lemon powder face mask currently available in the market. It moisturizes dry skin cells, cleanses pores and hydrates skin in winters to give you a blemish-free glow in winters. Its anti-darkening properties brighten the dark areas of the skin to improve skin tone and texture. You can mix it with aloe vera gel/ honey or yogurt to use as a face mask.

3) Organic Orange Peel Powder: If you are looking to get rid of dead skin and wrinkles, nothing works better than organic orange peel powder for your face. Derived by crushing high-quality oranges with no impurities/ chemicals, orange peel powder can be used as:

  • Natural Cleansing Face Mask: To unclog pores and hydrate them
  • Skin Brightening Face Mask: To fade dark spots and improve skin tone
  • Skin Exfoliating Face Mask: To Remove dead skin cells
  • Antibacterial Face Mask: To get rid of pimples, acne and wrinkles

4) Best Tulsi Leaf Powder for Skin Treatment: Extracted by crushing pure tulsi leaves, micro-refined tulsi leaf powder acts as an excellent cleanser for oily and sensitive skin during winters. Enriched with nutrients, it exfoliates skin cells to remove dullness, darkness, pimples and wrinkles. It also soothes the skin against dryness and itchiness. It can be used for skin brightening and as an antibacterial face mask by mixing with coconut oil for blemish-free and hydrated skin.

5) Organic Rose Petals Powder: Rose petals are widely known for their antioxidant and soothing properties. It acts as a natural skin toner for both dry and oily skin and makes it smooth and glowing. You can use organic rose petals powder for face to soothe winter dryness and get a bright skin tone by mixing it with milk and water.

6) Fenugreek for Hair and Skin: Triple-sifted and micro-refined pure methi powder is equally good for both your skin and hair in winters. The anti-aging properties of Methi Seeds soothe premature aging, wrinkles and fine lines to give you a radiant and hydrated look in winters. It can be used as a skin glowing mask by mixing with rose water, yogurt and Multani Mitti.

7) Licorice Powder for Skin: Pure mulethi powder is excellent for oily skin to treat pimples, acne and blemishes. Enriched with antioxidants, Indus Valley’s Bio-Organic Mulethi Powder is a pure and the best mulethi powder for skin that brightens your skin and soothes it.

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