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Tamil Industry has grown exponentially in the last 10 years or so. The Industry had always grabbed the attention of the local audience but over time, it has found its overseas Markets in South Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, certain parts of UAE, and Western America.

With increasing revenue streams, the remuneration of artists has also increased.

Here is a of Top 7 Highest Paid Kollywood

1.     Vijay


Thalapathy Vijay is currently the King of that category.  After his record-breaking success, He reported charged 110 crores for the MASTERS. Courtesy of his growing appeal in Telugu, Karnataka, Kerala, and overseas, the actor is demanding the theatrical rights of certain areas as well.

The actor’s average payment is 45-55 Cr plus profit shares.

2.     Rajinikanth


Rajinikanth is a cult-classic figure in the history of Tamil Cinema, someone whose impact is beyond any material wealth. However, The Legendary Thalaviar’s money game is also on point.

Despite His Kocchadayan,  Kabali, Linga, Kaala, And 2.0 losing their place in the market,  The maestro has gained significant pay-checks.

Rajnikanth’s average remuneration for a picture is 55-60 Cr.

3.     Ajith


Ajith’s popularity graph has been on a rise in recent years.  Ajith is known for movies with a strong local touch which attracts his audience. Perhaps, that’s the reason why, unlike Vijay, He is not as successful in other markets.

Ajith has given Kollywood a hit like Veram. And recently he has reportedly signed a deal with Boney Kapoor to do 3 films for 120 Crores, making him the 3rd highest-paid actor in the industry.

The star’ average payment is 40-45 Crores


4.     Kamal Hassan


Kamal Hassan is one superstar who at one stage was challenging Rajnikanth, the undisputed king of the industry. The actor enjoyed a huge appeal in the 90s and to this day, he remains a box office star.

He has seemingly taken 25-30 Crores for his work Indian-2 and Vikram, making him the 4th highest paid artist.

5.     Suriya


Suriya is like a fallen emperor. The star used to compete with people like Vijay in terms of popularity and fandom. But the tables got turned when he delivered 7 Flops in a row.

He is now producing his own films. As per reports, hetakes 20 Crores to work in a film.Malvika Sharma is another highly paid Kollywood celebrity who gets paid a lot of money as well.

6.     Dhanush


After the blockbuster success of Asuran, Dhanush has increased his remuneration. Apart from his home productions, he is reported taking more than 15 Crores for his future endeavors. This feat makes him the 6th highest-paid Kollywood star.

7.     Vikram


Vikram has lost his fandom in states like Kerala and Karnataka.  The star used to compete with Vikrat, however, the luck doesn’t seem to favor him at the moment.

His payments have dropped from 15 Crore to 9 Crores per film, which makes him the 7th and Last person on this list. His net worth is almost the same as the famous Bollywood star Rashmi Desai.

Final Thoughts

This completes our list of “Top 7 Highest Paid Kollywood Superstar”. So Kollywood geeks, It is your turn now. What do you think about the rating of these stars?

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