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We all know that Google is the first preference of users worldwide when it comes to search engines. Often, you would find yourself searching for a used car, the best grocery store, Spectrum WiFi plans, or the next blockbuster from Hollywood there. Although the search engine has an extremely minimalistic approach when it comes to the design of the homepage, you can expect to find a doodle here sometimes.

The Google Doodle is usually an interactive graphic asset that you can interact with. It can be in the form of a game or a musical instrument depending on the occasion it is released for. Some of Google’s doodles remain popular to date. You can view all the doodles till now on Google’s dedicated web page for them! With that said, let’s read about some of the best doodles that you must try!



Pac-Man remains one of the most popular games ever. On the legacy computers, they have enjoyed quite the royal treatment. The game is a favorite among Generation X and millennials. They cherish it as one of their favorite pastimes during childhood. You can introduce your children to this game or play it yourself by visiting Google Doodle games. 



Google introduced this doodle for the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy. As the name implies, it is a sport-based doodle that lets you play it. Simply click on the bat button to do so. When you hit the ball, you can score runs. Fair warning, this game is highly addictive. You may find yourself scoring a century and sharing the achievement in the form of a screenshot on social media!.



Google has something for soccer lovers as well. The soccer doodle will surely make your day. However, you do not play as a striker, midfielder, or defender. Yes, you have to play as a goalkeeper and try and stop the goals. You can use the keyboard arrows to position yourself. With the help of the space bar, you can stop the incoming ball. It is a fun game that you can definitely enjoy. Sit down with your siblings and see who can stop more goals. 


Coding for Carrots

The Coding for Carrots doodle by Google celebrates 50 years of kids in coding. Using code blocks, you have to collect carrots in this interactive game. You have to guide the rabbit and gather as many carrots as you can. Furthermore, you have to follow the right path while doing so. The game gets difficult as you gather more carrots. You’ll have a hard time positioning the rabbit. Kids fell in love with this doodle since it’s fun and addictive. And most importantly, it is about them!


Garden Gnomes

In Garden Gnomes, you will find yourself controlling a catapult. Next, you will have to launch the clay gnomes as far as you can. To launch it in the garden, you have to press the space bar and then release it. You’ll be able to grow more flowers in the garden if you successfully throw them further. You will also get more points if your gnomes travel a good amount of distance. 



Who doesn’t love card games? Loteria is also a card game with its origins in Mexico. See if you have a matching card on your cardboard. If you do, simply place a bean on it. Next, you’ll need to be able to place four beans in any row. The fun part is that you can also play against a random player. Just share an invite link with your friends to invite them too. This is an excellent game to play with one’s siblings as well. 


Rubik’s Cube

We all have come across the Rubik’s Cube at one point in life. It could be a kid in school who can solve it really fast or a sibling who just brought it home. Undoubtedly, it is quite fascinating and solving it requires some skill. If you want to try out its digital version then head over to Google Doodle games. Here, you can try the interactive digital version and solve the cube once and for all. On your browser, you can easily access it and use a mouse or a keyboard to solve it. The keyboard controls are f for front, b for back, u for Up, d for Down, l for left, r for right, x for rotating cube on right, y for rotating cube on up, and z for rotating cube on front.


The Google Doodle games are quite fun and interactive. You should definitely try them all during your free time. 


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