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Fantasy games always bring a unique gaming experience. Because it not only widens imagination, but also allows players to think strategically, and interact with other people from different places. The gameplay characters serve as a player’s life in-game. Many people get excited about their fictional human character because it can sometimes match their personality. But game creators love to play around with characters, so they also take inspiration from animals and even plants. 

In 2020, Riot Games released a new game under the League of Legends franchise. The Legends of Runeterra is a fantasy where players retrieve digital cards as collectibles. Aside from the Champions, there are also the Guardians. They are cute animal characters that guide and interact with players during matches and events. Players can purchase them as collectibles. Make sure to scroll through the best Legends of Runeterra decks, to experience the most awesome gameplay and collect awesome characters. Stick around to get to know some of the best guardians from Legends of Runeterra. 

  • Poro

Who can even resist the adorable guardian, Poro? He is a lovable and fluffy white guardian that any player can access for free. Poros came from the Freljord, since then they have been spread across the game regions. These cute guardians represent valor and innocence, making them such popular characters in the game. Poro’s first appearance is an off-white fur, perked-up horns that represent happiness and joy, and his pinkish heart-shaped stomach is such an adorable sight. They can survive in extreme cold, and paddle through deep snow. But they are also believed to be indestructible. 

Notable Poro guardians include the King Poro from the Winter Wonder Universe. Plucky Poro, an armored Poro version, and the Porofly with cute white wings.

  • Chip

Since the characters in Legends of Runeterra called Legends also depict human characteristics, some also have sicknesses or allergies. All the more they need guardians, and Chip is the perfect one for them. He is the most popular guardian to accompany legends with illnesses or allergies since he offers some healing and strength. Chip is inspired by nature, specifically rocks, and grass. When you get to the fantasy world of Targon, he will be happy to give you a tour. He was formed because of the fallen rock from Malphite, a Legends of Runeterra Champion. They currently have an awesome dynamic as a  father and son duo. If you want to collect this little dude, summon him with the words “Wock solid!”  

  • Cosmo

Cosmo, the mighty blue bulldog is one of the newest editions to the Legend of Runeterra guardians. He is a young and playful dog from the Targon board. Every player wants to have him as a guardian. Just like real-life dogs, Cosmo experiences loyalty throughout the game and makes sure to stay by your side. He likes to collect bones along the way, which can help enhance your gameplay. You must gain 590 riot coins, to have this guardian tag along with you. You do not have to worry about collecting him, because he is a common guardian type.

  • Dragonling

Dragonling is the feisty guardian from Ionia. She is a blue and green glowing mythical creature that can cause damage and heal from attacks, which makes her a top guardian choice. While she does come off as intimidating because of her wonderful looks, she is usually calm and likes to observe her surroundings before the attack. If a player uses the Eye of the Dragon Ionia card, then they can summon this magical guardian by using two spells. 

  • Ellie

Guardian Ellie is the lovable blue elephant inspired by Dumbo. She can fly thanks to her huge, floppy ears. Her Legends of Runeterra’s best friend is Zoe, a champion. The two are usually used side by side on gameplay adventures. Not only is she a guardian, but an advocate to the LGBTQ community. In 2021, Riot Games released a rainbow version of Poro and Ellie that players can easily collect and use for gameplay. Any player will surely shell out 590 riot coins to include her in the guardian collection. 

  • Lunar Beast

Inspired by the year of the ox, the Legends of Runeterra wanted to have a Lunar celebration. February 2021, they released a new set of game bundles called the Lunar Beast Squad. It includes a new Targon Champion, Aphelios, and a new guardian named Lunar Beast. Since it is a specially released guardian, players can collect 790 riot coins or by purchasing game bundles from the Lunar Year celebration. This rascally beast only comes out once a year to great positive havoc to the mortal world. 

  • T-Hex

T-Hex is inspired by the T-Rex dinosaur but in a robot version. He came from the Legends of Runeterra champion laboratory. Heimerdinger was able to craft him in the hopes of making an unstoppable guardian.  T-Hex is made of steel from head-to-toe and has guns for hands, making him extra indestructible. This robot machine is from the  Piltover & Zaun region where he blazes around, shooting mass powers to any attacker during battle. As Heimerdinger describes his finest work, T-Hex is a  six-hundred and fifty-two feet of rotary-tempered, hex-plated, and quadranium cell-powered dinosaur.

Key Takeaway

The whole fantasy gaming experience can bring us to different dimensions and expand our imagination. The Legends of Runeterra is indeed another exciting game to play. Every player is going to immerse in another fantasy world where they can explore their abilities as a gamer. There are a variety of champions you can choose from, and each one has its power and strength. Moreover, you can also collect adorable yet warrior guardians. These creatures add so much life to the game and motivate players to acquire collectibles. So why not give this game a shot?

These guardians are not only awesome accessories to your collection but also a helpful battle mate and companion. If you want to know more about Legends of Runeterra and all things gaming, visit now!

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