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Dubai, a cosmopolitan city known for its luxury living style, the city of Central Park City Walk, expensive hotels to attract tourists from around the world, a place of lavishness, a place full of innovation, endless shopping, and dynamic nightlife.


The question is, can a person take a cheap tour of this extravagant place, or is it just a thought only that comes to your mind? YES, is the answer.


There are certainly some cheap ways which you can take to take a quick tour of Dubai. Below is a compilation of some tips for a budget tour.


Inexpensive food is easily available:

People come from all over the world to visit Dubai for vacations, but certain people have moved with their families for work opportunities in the city. It is not hard to find inexpensive food at such a place. Ravi restaurant in Al Satwa can be the place for you if you love Indian spices. The place is calm and simple, with a wide range of food choices that are pocket-friendly. A wide range of budget-friendly Lebanese, Chinese, middle eastern food around the town is also available to satisfy your taste buds. Restaurants like Zaatar ZWeit and Zaroob can be your go-to place too.


Shop from stores offering discounts:

A wide range of expensive things is available in malls like Dubai Mall or Deira City Centre, which will surely attract your attention and can be a real test for your budget. Anytime, anywhere, there are always some stores that offer special discounts to their customers, look forward to visiting such stores. European brands are pretty inexpensive in this city, so try looking for them at the malls.

Bargaining is the key factor to do shopping while remaining within budget. Dubai Creek or the Bur Dubai bank is the main market where bargaining is still acceptable. Dubai Creek can give you a wide range of spices and even if you want to buy gold items. Daily life items like slippers and clothes can be found at Bur Dubai Bank.


A hub for cheap entertainment:

Young artists display their talents in different parts of the city. Good research can lead you to such cultural and artistic performances by them. Certain places have been assigned by the higher authority for such events. Archive Dubai is a library and community centre with open spaces for arts and culture. It usually hosts free open-air concerts and exhibits. Free movie screenings are held every month at the Scene Club. Dubai hosts an annual festival, in March, called Sikka Dubai, which showcases dance performances and concerts from artists around the world.


Find budget-friendly accommodation:

Accommodation in Dubai can be a real test. It is not easy to find a place to stay at prices that can be pocket friendly. As the most expensive thing in Dubai is accommodation, people usually share rooms with each other. Considered as the home of luxurious and glamorous hotels, the older parts of the city have relatively affordable hotel apartments.


The best option to travel:

Using a metro or riding a bike can be your ultimate option to travel within the city. The metro tickets are the cheapest in the world, starting from 1.8 Dirhams only. Metros are much efficient and affordable, especially when you want to travel through a long route.

Dubai recently introduced the option to rent a bike for 30 mins, starting from 15 Dirhams. Prefer utilizing this facility, to cover your short routes. The major advantage of riding a bike is that you can enjoy the beauty of this city on your own.


Use Groupon:

Groupon provides you with special discounts, specials, and deals on the website. There is a lot of chance that the thing you want to do next is available at a discounted price there, especially dine-ins.


In order to have a cheap Dubai tour, you have to avoid certain things in order to remain within your budget. Dining at expensive hotels, shopping from the Dubai Mall, enjoying Central Park City Walk Dubai style is not possible on a budget-trip. Despite its reputation as a glamorous and expensive city, Dubai has a lot to offer budget travellers as well. With that said, you can still invest in luxury villas and compensate with a budget-friendly lifestyle!



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