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Gallup discovered that highly engaged teams show 21% higher profitability. Additionally, another study said only 21%% of employees consider themselves very involved, impacting their performance. The bottom line is simple, employee engagement is essential, and employee engagement software the solution to our problem!

But can software really do away with all our productivity and engagement issues? Well, here are four ways software helps in employee engagement.

6 Ways Employee Engagement Software Can Help

#1: Provides Your Employees A Voice

Employees tend to feel the disconnect, especially in larger organisations, as they think they are not heard of enough.

Employee engagement software helps allow managers and employees to conduct surveys, provide continuous real-time feedback, interact and offer support to co-workers and new hires, and so on.

When employees feel they have a say in the organisation and are being heard and talked to, they feel valued, and engagement gets a natural boost!

#2: Boosts Communication

Today’s workplaces are evolved with remote and overseas employees. Employee engagement software provides tools like company walls that have posts like Facebook feeds where employees can interact, support, and like.

More such interaction features help employees from various locations to know each other and interact. These features not only promote communication but keep the atmosphere light and allow employees to stay updated with the new and happening in the organisation.

#3: Feel The Emotional Pulse Of Your Workforce

The heart of employee engagement lies within their happiness factor.

The best HR software allows you to tap into the mood of your employees with moodbots. They help you know the emotional pulse of your organisation, whether they are demotivated, overworked and burnt out, or just unhappy with the company culture.

With this crucial knowledge, you can take preventive measures before it’s too late!

#4: Improves Your Onboarding Process

It is tough to be the new guy! Add to it the pressure of gelling up with the team, learning about the company culture and fitting into it, carving space for your efforts, and the long journey to start getting recognised for your efforts.

This is a long journey of a new hire until they ‘become a part of the organisation.’ And many talented new hires give up before they reach this summit.

But an excellent standardised onboarding process can help them be organisation ready before even their first day. Send them videos and manuals on company culture as part of pre-boarding. 

Moreover, continuous peer-to-peer and managerial feedback, badges, and rewards systems can help employees feel valued and make all the difference in making their journey easier.

#5: Gives Higher Retention Rates

Interestingly, various stats point out that perks and salary are hardly the reasons why employees leave their jobs!

Mostly, it is the company culture, lack of recognition for their work, or their inability to align and contribute to business goals.

Employee engagement software helps you communicate your company culture and rather build it too. 

It allows managers and peers to share their views about each other and reward them with badges for their outstanding feats and so on.

Lastly, the software allows employees to track how their personal goals align with the company’s and how their weekly initiatives fulfil those goals.

All of this motivates employees and keeps employee engagement rates high.

#6: Enjoy More Productivity And Boost Your Business

When the employee understands its position in the company’s goals and strategies and can see how it contributes to the bigger picture, it feels more valued.

It gives the employee a higher purpose of doing its best for the organisation. The employee tries to do more than what is just expected and moves towards what it can do for the company.

They feel more invested in their responsibilities and, as a result, drive growth and revenue for the company! 

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