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6 Tips on How to Create Ads with a Poster Maker for Beginners

If you’re new to making posters, then you may be wondering where to start. Luckily, creating an effective poster is not as difficult as it may seem. Posters can be used in many ways—from advertising for a new product to encouraging people to buy tickets to an event. Whether you need them for personal use or business, they can be made using an online poster maker.

Just follow these six simple tips, and you’ll be on your way to creating awesome ads in no time!

1.Always start by selecting the right online poster maker

There are various tools available online. Some of them allow you to create an ad right away, but beginners might find it difficult to select the ones that work best for their skill level and purpose. If you’re not yet familiar with how these poster makers work, opt for those that offer extensive tutorials and other guides on how to use the application. It also helps if they have a free trial version before purchasing the full software.

Venngage is an ideal online poster maker for beginners because it offers a drag-and-drop feature. This makes the process of creating posters easier and faster, no coding knowledge is required.

2.Use the right media in the free poster maker

To create the perfect poster, you need to choose the right media. The content of your posters can be images, texts, shapes, and backgrounds. When choosing an image, always select high-resolution photos taken with a quality camera. If you’re looking for photos online, make sure they are copyright-free so that you won’t encounter any problems when submitting them to the poster maker program.3.

3.Make your poster stand out with creative fonts

Before choosing the font, it’s important to decide what message will be on the poster so people would be able to understand it in an instant. It should also have a good flow, but at the same time should look interesting enough for viewers to read each letter carefully. When it comes to fonts, there are thousands of possibilities, making it hard for users not to find something close or that might work well with their project. That being said, having too many options can prove to challenge since there is no consistency when it comes to style and design—some may even appear messy if not chosen properly. To get started, try using serif, sans-serif, display, or handwritten fonts.

 Make your poster stand out with creative fonts

4.Make your posters more interesting with a poster making website like Venngage

When you create an account in Venngage, the software automatically stores your content and media. This is a great tool for those who want to save their work and continue editing it even after logging out of the program. You can also choose from thousands of high-quality photos and images that aren’t copyrighted as long as you credit the source by citing it on the poster itself.

5.Don’t forget about those small details

It’s easy to overlook small details such as line spacing, color contrast, and text alignment especially if this is your first time using a poster maker. Line spacing should be around 120% or more since most viewers will read each line horizontally instead of vertically. Contrast is another important element that must be taken into consideration especially when it comes to charts, graphs, or other data. Make sure the colors you choose are easy on the eyes so people won’t have a hard time reading your poster. Lastly, do not forget to center-align all your texts and images to avoid creating clutter. These may be small details but they’re important enough that users should know about them!

Don't forget about those small details

6.Pay attention to the resolution

Finally, the last thing to remember when creating an interesting poster is the resolution. To get started, set it at 300 dpi (this resolution should be enough for most projects). Aside from that, it would also help if you know what type of printer will be used or if it will end up on a wall. Thus, you need to make sure that everything is clear and visible, which means that there are no blurry images or unclear words; this way, viewers won’t have to spend too much time trying to figure out what’s written on the poster. The best option would be using a copy machine because it offers better quality than other options like your home printer.

In Conclusion:

Creating an interesting poster is easier said than done; however, there are many ways to make it happen. Following these 6 tips should be a great checklist to get you started!

A great way to make this happen is by using Venngage’s free poster maker. It allows anyone—from beginners to experts—to create attractive posters in minutes with easy-to-use templates.  Sign-up with Venngage today and create your own poster that will surely capture everyone’s attention in just a few minutes!

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