6 Tips for Installing Windows and Doors

6 Tips for Installing Windows and Doors

December 24, 2020 0 By Amit Gupta

Precision is quite important when installing your Oakville windows and doors. Both replacement and new components require precision to ensure they function as intended. Moisture and heat get inside your house if these are fixed poorly, and it can destroy your valuables inside the house.

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has stepped in to ensure high-quality installation of doors and windows. In their response, the body issued a 317-page manual. The manual outlines how the commercial market should handle the installation for both new components and remodels. Here are some of the best tips to consider when installing your Oakville windows and doors.

  • Install Only

These components are excellent when used on projects that have performance specifications. Choose a product that is not more than the rated performance. Instead, look for those with equal to or less than that performance. Install only products that are good for use when you want to reduce water damages.

According to AAMA, a component’s water penetration resistance and design pressure are other key factors to consider. If an area has extreme weather conditions, doors and windows with a low design pressure (DP) should not be used. They cannot withstand such conditions and can fail in protecting your property and the overall performance.

  • Make Sure to Rebalance

When installing new Oakville windows and doors, the infiltration gets affected. As a result, you should consider checking and balancing your HAVC system to accommodate this adjustment. 

Replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones eliminates cracks and spaces, which creates make-up air in the house. So, the HAVC system works to get rid of this make-up air in a property. When not rebalanced, it creates negative pressure.

This pressure is not a good thing because it can create unwanted noises in the house. It works hard on the remaining holes and cracks from the walls and other places, which can produce a lot of whistling and howling.

  • Cautions When Installing Exterior Glass Doors

Glass doors should also be installed properly for efficiency in a home. Some of the important pointers you should not overlook include:

  • Measurements: it should be installed when considering people that use wheelchairs. Your glass door should have ease of access to this group of people. You should measure it from the face to the stop. The minimum clearance should be 32 inches wide.
  • Thresholds and sidings: the ideal measurements for the two are ½ to ¾ inches. These measurements should not be exceeded at any time if you want the exterior door to perform well. 
  • Clearance width: your glass doors’ accessible routes should have a minimum clearance of 36 inches to the inside.
  • Patios and balconies: ensure these spaces are wheelchair accessible. Whichever area they lead to, they should have this provision.

Each area has its local code. It is advisable to consult the regulation that applies to you.

  • Windows Flush

Windows flush should be kept with the face surfacing the barrier applications. It prevents moisture and draft from getting inside, hence keeping your home energy efficient and comfortable to live in during the summer and the winter months.

  • Always Consult

 If you opt for a DIY project for your Oakville windows and doors, it is advisable not to take any action if the instructions are unclear. Consult where you don’t understand. Remember that shaky DIY projects can be dangerous and expensive if the necessary precautions and processes are not adhered to.

  • Safety Glazing

IBC 2003 has rules governing how glazed glasses should be handled. You should know when these rules are applicable, such as:

  • A 24-inch arching of the glazed glass or less is nearest to the edge
  • Less than 60 inches of glazed glass are exposed at the bottom

Common Installation Mistakes to Avoid

  • Do not interfere with water drainage by sealing weeping holes in your house
  • Install your alarm system in places that won’t require you to drill your Oakville windows and doors. These spaces give room for water and air to sip inside your home.
  • Breather holes should never be blocked using sealants as they provide ventilation in the house.
  • Do not weld when your glass is not protected
  • Your doors and windows should not be used for the delivery of goods.
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