Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
Magical Christmas

Spooky season is finally here, which means Christmas is just around the corner. However, with the cost of living rising significantly, many people are feeling the pinch, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to cut down on spending while having a magical festive season. Below, you will find six tips for saving money during the holidays.

Turn Down the Heating

Start inside your home by turning down the heating. In the US, and across the rest of the world, gas prices are surging to inconceivable heights. Instead of cranking up the eating every time the temperature dips, invest in blankets and warm clothes – there’s no shame in wearing a wooly hat indoors. When the heating must go on, you will spend less by installing an internet based thermostat, which you can manage from your smartphone.

Make Shopping Lists

When you go shopping, it’s easy to slip into impulse buying, especially when stores know how to draw you in with false savings. To avoid falling victim, make a shopping list for everything you need. Further, you should create a reasonable budget and stick to it at all costs. If you can’t afford to buy presents for everyone, there’s no harm in just sending a card to show you care.

Christmas eCards Over Physical Cards

Sending a Christmas card is a great way to show people they’re in your thoughts this festive season. However, your piece of card will only end up in the trash with everything else come January. Therefore, consider sending an eCard, which will be delivered to the recipient’s email address. Granted, it won’t have your handwriting, but it will mean having extra cash to spend on other festive essentials.

Share the Costs of Celebrating

There’s nothing better than welcoming family and friends into your home at Christmas. However, the cost of hosting a seasonal get-together is outrageous. Therefore, suggest to your guests that you spread the cost; ask everyone to bring a bottle or festive dish. Instead of getting bogged down in making every detail perfect, focus on celebrating with your loved ones.

Send Homemade Gifts

Instead of buying all your gifts from the store, consider homemade presents and baked goods. Trying your hand at DIY will give you a project to focus your time on, and the result will hold more sentimental value to the recipient because of the time and thought.

Shop Online

The festive period is rife with discounts, with the end of November bringing the notorious Black Friday sales, an event that has spread across the majority of the month online. With this in mind, you should complete your Christmas shopping online because many retailers extend their discounts exclusively online.

The festive season is a time for being thankful and spending time with loved ones. Instead, many people are left worrying about how their bank balances will survive the holidays. Using the tips outlined above, you can save money while keeping hold of the joyous feeling of Christmas.

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