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React Templates

Every React JS user is looking for free React Templates. React Templates makes a website developer’s life way easier.

So, you are new to web development and have no idea what React JS is? We’re here to help you out! If you are already familiar with this information, feel free to skip the coming section.

What are React JS Templates? 

Before knowing what React JS templates are, we must first know what React JS is. React JS is a front-end web development framework that web developers, both beginners, and professionals, are loving these days. 

It is the perfect combination of beginner-friendliness and professional quality. It also has reusable components, which makes the process of front-end development much faster.

It is a framework that will provide all the components you will need to build an engaging User-Interface for your next website development project. React JS is the framework that broadens your horizons and allows you to be creative.

A React JS template is a theme with built-in dashboards, blocks, components, and such you can use for web development. They are designed to save you time and energy, so you can instead focus on the coding side of things.

Why would you use Free React Templates?

Building a user interface from scratch with React JS isn’t much of a chore in itself. However, using a template can save you even more time.

You can choose the best react templates just like bootstrap 5 templates, if they perfectly suit the feel of your website, or you can adjust and make changes to your templates to fit our needs.

The best way to use a free react template is to use it as the first step to your front-end development project and make adjustments and changes according to your needs. This method saves time and offers customization.

Finding free React Templates over the internet can be quite difficult. This is why we have put together a list of the developer’s most favorite free React Templates you are sure to love!

Material PRO

If you want to give your Ui that modern feel, The Material PRO template would be your best friend. As it comes first in our list of most downloaded free react templates. It is truly the perfect fit for websites about hotels, restaurants, and such, due to its modernity.

It has many single pages, which makes our job ten times easier and faster. It has read-made widgets and integrated plugins.

Devias Kit – Admin Dashboard

We’re mentioning the Devias Kit Second because it uses Google’s own Material Design framework, making it a fun and effective template. The customization options this template provides are endless.

 Downloaded Free React Templates

It has fully customizable icons, styles, and directives. It has a style guide and sketch file to make quick changes, making it the ideal template for beginner web developers.

Ant Design Landing

Nat Design offers a variety of templates. Our favorite thing about these templates is that it allows you to build countless pages that will be harmonious with your website.

 Downloaded Free React Templates

It comes with sketch files included, which helps with making quick changes. It has a style guide and comes with modules for front-end and inner-page development.


Do you want a clean, easy-to-navigate, minimalistic User-Interface for your next website development project? Atomize is the theme you are looking for! It has the most sophisticated components that will be perfect for a minimalist lifestyle. 

Websites or any other website with a minimalist feel. It provides harmony to your website and makes it engaging with responsive apps.


Using MatX makes you feel like a truly professional web developer. The good news is that there’s a free version of this template available on the internet for you to download. 

 Downloaded Free React Templates

The free version has all the necessities to build a wonderfully engaging UI for your new website. It provides dashboards and analytics views, helping your UI be quite interactive. It also provides Material UI components!


Oah-admin comes complete with oah components and has a dark layout. It is mainly a dashboard template that you can use to build engaging, though you can use it to build admin panels and web applications too. 

 Downloaded Free React Templates

The UI accessories and components give your UI a neat look, making it the perfect choice for building a classy UI.


Isomorphic is an extremely engaging template that happens to also be very easy to use. It has many components, all of which can be adjusted to cater to your needs.

 Downloaded Free React Templates

It also offers incredible web-based applications. Everything combined gives your UI a very harmonious look. It has a variety of different navigation options, too.


With these free React Templates, you can build your next website quickly and efficiently. So download the best react templates now!


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