Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
Decorating a Teen's Bedroom

Gone are the days of hundreds of stuffed toys and pop star posters on the walls. As your children enter their teenage years, it’s only natural they will want to change their living space. While the teenage years are dreaded by many parents, our advice is to embrace them! They are transitioning into adults, starting to form their own opinions and ideas about the world. This is the perfect time to let them redecorate their room and let them create a space that feels true to who they are right now.

Expressing their identity through design can be done in several ways while still ensuring the room is practical.


Pick a color theme

First things first, choose a color theme. This is a great starting point and can help to lead the rest of the design process. The color they choose can really show their personality. They could go for bright, cheerful colors, contrasting colors, or complimentary warm colors.


Ensure there’s a place to work

Of course, the room still needs to be functional. To help them achieve at school and stay on top of their homework, there should be a desk in their room. A fold-out desk or under-bed desk is a great option if you don’t have much space to work with.


Add a feature wall

Instead of painting the room a range of colors, you could let their personality shine through a feature wall. It could add a pop of color to the room, or you could opt to use wallpaper. There are so many wonderful options out there regarding wallpaper, so you’re sure to find one you both agree on.


Create a hang-out space

As a teenager, is there anything more important than hanging out with friends? Not really, right? So ensure their bedroom is a fun and cozy place for them to hang out. Consider bean bags for teens for additional comfort – you can add a few to create loads of extra seating, and they’re a comfy place for them to study or read, especially if they’ve been sitting at a desk all day.


Choose some artwork

Adding artwork to the walls is a great option for teens. Due to the fact it can be easily changed and switched up as their tastes and interests change. So if you want to avoid repainting the walls every weekend, you can opt for a wall of frames. They can add artwork, pictures of friends, and even display some of their projects.


Add plenty of storage

Being a teenager is certainly a transitional phase, so plenty of storage is key. Give them enough useful spaces to store items, stay organized with school work, and keep their room as tidy as possible. Having your teen keep their room tidy may not be as easy as providing storage, but the more they have, the more likely they are to use it, hopefully.

Allowing your teen to express themself is so important. While you take on this exciting task together, remember no idea is a bad idea, and try to lead them gently into a style you’ll both enjoy.

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