Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

Remote work has become the new normal for a lot of professionals. Some are now working from home every day. However, the more common model is a hybrid environment. This has people working on-premises for part of the week and working remotely the rest. If you want to achieve success for your business in a hybrid work environment, the following tips will help.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Digitization of the workplace has enabled the rise of remote work. The right technology strategy can significantly benefit your hybrid work environment. For example, if you are meeting with clients and other outside stakeholders, you may want to use a branded custom Google Meet background during your calls. This will help you to create a branded experience even if you are working remotely. It also improves consistency even when your environment is not consistent.

Make Your Business Stand Out

Standing out from your competitors is important in all situations. However, it is particularly challenging when working in a hybrid environment. Your team will often be meeting virtually with clients from home rather than hosting them in your office. Therefore, you may want to add virtual background in Teams or other conferencing apps to create a more consistent, professional experience that shares your brand message.

Focus on Communication

Communication is essential if you want to stay productive in a hybrid setting. This includes both internal and external communication. So, make sure that your communication solutions are making it easy for your team to stay in touch. When scheduling meetings with clients and other external stakeholders, it may be a good idea to use a video conferencing tool that is tied to your calendar invite system. That way there will never be confusion about how you will connect.

Implement Good Processes

One of the challenges of a hybrid environment is that it removes the opportunity to check in quickly in-person. Thus, informal processes can become problematic if people get on different pages. It is helpful to have well-defined and documented processes that your team members can rely on. This can add certainty and consistency to the hybrid work environment.

Take Advantage of Work/Life Benefits

Part of the reason that many professionals prefer hybrid work environments is that they make it easier to balance personal and professional priorities. By eliminating the commute for part of the week, there is more time to see to errands, family time, hobbies and other needs. Lean into this with your team. Encourage them to prioritize their personal time and leverage the hybrid setup. You will see less burnout and more productivity if you try to help your people achieve a good balance.

Set Your Business Up for Success

With the above tips in mind, you will be able to help your business achieve more in a hybrid environment. Between finding the right branded Google Meet background image and developing good processes, there is some work to do. However, it is worth it to reap the employee benefits of hybrid work.

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