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Graduate Schemes and Jobs

Looking to start your career in London? Here are the top rated graduate schemes London and jobs in the city. From marketing and business development roles to creative writing and legal work, there’s a lot of opportunities out there for those looking to make a move. 

So whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been considering a change, these are the best options for you.

What is a Graduate Scheme?

Employers often provide formal training for recent college graduates as a means of grooming future executives. Graduate programmes typically run between one and two years (but can be longer) and are offered in a variety of fields, or “streams,” such as finance, retail, human resources, marketing, management, and law. 

As a graduate trainee, you can expect to be given responsibility right away, to get plenty of experience in your field, to learn as much as possible about it, and to get help developing your essential talents. 

According to High Flier’s research The Graduate Market in 2022, among The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers, investment banks, law firms, consulting firms, oil and energy corporations, and banking and finance organisations have the highest starting salaries. Top companies pay at least £38,000 per year, while investment bankers may make up to £50,000. 

Grads get paid well, but they have to meet the company’s standards to keep their jobs. The plan might be role-based or divided into temporary positions, with participants gaining experience in a variety of departments, teams, and even geographical locations. This necessitates a great deal of adaptability on your part. 

Places in schemes, especially those given by well-known corporations in highly competitive fields, are in high demand and often go unfilled. To get selected, you need to make your application stand out from the rest. 

Engineering Training Programme

They are committed to talent development and investment because they realise that only by helping their future leaders and engineers acquire the most cutting-edge knowledge, habits, and experience can they ensure the company’s and their own continued success. If you have recently completed your A-levels or Engineering BTEC and are looking for a job in engineering or if you are currently employed in the utilities sector, their ETP may be the right fit for you! 

In this 24-month long programme, you will acquire both theoretical concepts and practical skills in the workplace, allowing you to grow as a leader while also expanding your knowledge and expertise in your chosen field. Subjects including Engineering Design, Electronic and Electrical Principles, and Engineering Project Management will be covered while you work toward earning a Higher National Certificate in Electrical Engineering, if you don’t already have one. 

You will have a programme manager, business mentor, and line manager who are all committed to seeing you succeed. Their trainee community is ideal since you may draw on other other’s experiences for help and encouragement right from the start of your training. You may feel like your work matters at Cadent. Knowing that you are helping to keep the country warm and secure is a source of tremendous pride. 

Commercial Training Programme

There is no other way to join the Cadent Team but as a Commercial Trainee. In this role, you will get experience in contract management and commercial awareness while working closely with clients, key partners, and the finance department to produce results for the company’s regulatory authorities. 

As a member of the Procurement team, you’ll collaborate with colleagues throughout Cadent and the Supply Chain, honing your project management, business acumen, and negotiating abilities as you secure contracts vital to the company’s growth and success. You will have the chance to develop your skills and contribute to the success of the team in a variety of areas, such as sourcing, procurement operations, quality assurance, and transactional procurement. 

Through the course of the two-year programme, you will have a significant impact on the trajectory of gas and on their efforts to position the United States as a leader in sustainable energy. 

3 Best Graduate Jobs London

1. Researcher – Graduate by Source Global Research

Do you find it interesting to read the newspaper boxes that summarise the contenders for the Booker Prize, the teams competing in the World Cup, and the newest fashion trends from Paris Fashion Week? During the time that you spent working on your dissertation, did you ever find yourself praising the sophisticated brevity of the footnote? 

It sounds like you would be a good candidate for the role if you said “yes” to any of the following questions. These are some very interesting graduate jobs London. They are looking for someone to conduct extensive research at a desk using information that is available to the general public as well as internal data sources in order to assist a wide variety of divisions within the organisation. They are sought out by organisations that provide professional services for the purpose of receiving a wide variety of services, including market sizing and analysis, data interpretation, and recommendation formulation. 

You will primarily be responsible for doing desk-based research and utilising your judgement to assist multiple teams with a wide variety of client projects, core research responsibilities, and database maintenance tasks. 

Graduate Psychologist by Ribbons and Reeves Limited

Students at the school who have special needs (SEND), such as those who have severe learning problems, will get assistance from graduate psychologists under the leadership of the school’s SEND supervisors and in partnership with licenced Educational Psychologists. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for anybody who is interested in gaining practical experience in the field of psychology with the long-term goal of eventually becoming a licenced Clinical or Educational Psychologist. Your work as a graduate psychologist with individuals of all ages will be of great use to you in developing the kinds of credential packages that graduate schools seek for when evaluating potential students for admission. 

Candidates for the post of Graduate Psychologist are required to have relevant professional experience working with at-risk children and adolescents who have various, intricate care requirements in order to be considered. Interviews for the available job of Graduate Psychologist will take place in the months of May and July, respectively. 

Graduate Podiatrist by BSR Health Recruitment Ltd

Their patients at their clinics in London, Guildford, and Glasgow require the services of podiatrists who are available full-time. After obtaining your HCPC Registration, your first position would be as a Foot Health Practitioner; once you’ve fulfilled the requirements, you’ll be promoted to Podiatrist. 

In addition, you will benefit from having access to our in-house training platform as well as the advice of our more experienced Podiatrist mentors. You will be responsible for a wide variety of podiatrist treatments, including biomechanics, cryotherapy, laser nail treatments, lower laser therapy for pre and post operation palliative care, taping, nail surgery, foot acupuncture, foot manipulation, and mobilisation, to name just a few of these modalities. 

If you’ve put in the time and effort to acquire your podiatry degree, as well as if you have a positive mindset and a strong work ethic, this opportunity may be the perfect moment for you to shine.

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