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Hair loss is a perversive issue that most people struggle with. Although it’s a concern to a few, it’s a significant issue to most. Often, aging plays a crucial part in hair loss, but medical problems and hormonal imbalances may play a role. The good news is that Yun Nam can correct hair loss issues from body hormonal imbalances or existing medical conditions. Here’s an array of hair loss issues that the Yun Nam haircare center deals with.

   1. Oily Scalp Hair Loss

Hair loss from the oily scalp is a significant issue and the most prevalent in people. It results from clogging the hair follicles, making it challenging for hair to grow . Usually, the hair strands that remain standing become weaker and eventually fall off. Mostly, this oil traps skin flakes and dirt, among other substances that can lead to infections. In that case, it leads to an imminent hair loss that occurs quickly; without treatment, it can persevere.

   2. Patch Baldness

When your immune system wages war on your hair follicles, it leads to a condition called alopecia areata. The main causatives include genetics, hormonal changes, and traumatic stress. However, patch baldness may likely occur if your recovery from an illness is subpar or you have suffered a physical injury. The glad tiding is that you can correct this issue by medication which you can find out more about by visiting If left untreated, patch baldness can be permanent and irreversible.

   3. Menopausal Hair Loss

Menopausal hair loss mainly occurs in women approaching menopause. Most women will notice their hair thinning, slow growth, or hair turning grey. It’s usually due to the lowered estrogen and progesterone common in menopause stages, making the hair cells more inactive. The ravaging aging effect also weakens the body, compromising hair growth. Regardless, Yun Nam has the prowess to correct this condition and restore your crowning glory  Winona.

   4. Male and Female Hair Loss

Male and female hair loss occurs in varied distinct patterns. In women, the hair becomes thinner, and their hairlines widen. However, in men, the hair loss is evident from the hairlines receding and forming a conspicuous M-shape. While genetics is the most significant player, increased sensitivity of hair loss to DHT or the hair growth cycle disruption can be reasons. But visiting Yun Nam haircare can be your much-needed step to restore your hair and prevent further loss.

   5. Grey Hair

Grey hair is synonymous with aging, but that’s not entirely the whole thing. Factors like malnutrition, poor blood circulation in the scalp, and chronic stress can play in. That damages the melanocytes, the pigmentation cells responsible for giving the hair its color. Therefore, treatment in Yun Nam involves stimulating melanocytes in the scalp and naturally improves blood circulation.


Losing hair has to be one of the scariest things for every individual. And while most people would attribute that to aging, a few other factors play a part. Usually, the best option is to seek immediate hair care treatment before you lose or thin too much hair such that it becomes permanent. Natural hair home remedies can be the best way to deal with hair loss. They will not only help you to feel better about yourself, but you will also learn how to care for your hair in a better way without any side effects. If you’re facing a similar nightmare, visiting Yun Nam haircare can be more prudent.

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