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Are you planning to start a YouTube tech channel but scared of the challenges you might face? Then your fear is justified. Starting a tech channel on YouTube is easy, but the tough part is to decide which products to review or which services to sell. Here I explain five easy tips that can help start a profitable tech channel on YouTube.

Identify The Tech Niche- The First Step to Start a Profitable Tech Channel on YouTube 

Before you start the YouTube channel and monetize it, you need to identify the tech niche that your channel will cover.  And at the same time, you should also remember that niching down vigorously can lead to difficulty brainstorming tech content ideas for your channel. Let me explain.

Suppose you decide to launch a YouTube channel about best gaming laptops. Thus you decide to make videos about laptops only. Soon you realize that content ideas are eluding you and your YouTube channel traffic has gone down rapidly. However, if you decide to talk about gaming laptop accessories or gaming laptop essentials, you can cover many more topics, e.g. gaming headsets, gaming mouse, monitors, and so on. 

Thus when identifying your tech niche, think of interrelated tech products/services that your visitors might be interested in.

Invest Wisely By Focusing on 2-3 Products Initially

The one challenge of running tech channels on YouTube is that you may need to buy the product to review it or to explain its features to your audience. This is one cost that you can’t avoid till the time you become a successful vlogger whose videos are sponsored by brands.

Let’s say you plan to shoot an Apple MacBook Pro product review for your channel. You need to shell out $1,999 to create a review video about Apple MacBook Pro 14”. While it exceeds your budget yet you decide to take the risk because your research says that Apple product review channels are very popular on YouTube.

Unfortunately, your video tanked as it managed a meager 50 views every day. Thus your hard-earned money goes down the drain and you feel demotivated to continue.

Therefore you need to plan carefully before buying tech products. You don’t need to talk about Apple always. Rather you can build your channel around cheap yet popular tech products. Also, when you invest in a specific tech product, try to make as many videos as you can about it, e.g. review, how-to, special features, product comparison, etc. as you can about it, e.g. review, how-to, special features, product comparison, etc.

Research and Experiment With Different Types of Videos To Start a Profitable Tech Channel on YouTube

You might commit the mistake of starting a tech channel simply because others are making money in this niche. If you are not passionate about gadgets and the technology behind them, you won’t be able to make money as a tech vlogger on YouTube. 

And then it doesn’t help if you are interested in 1 to 2 brands only. As already explained in point 2, focusing on particular brands can lead to rising costs. Thus the wiser approach is to explore a range of tech verticals to find out what your audience loves to watch. 

Suppose you are particularly passionate about a few tech gadgets like tablets, headphones, earbuds, and gaming systems. Also, you find that Samsung products are cheaper to buy for review videos, as compared to Apple products.

Next, you need to experiment with different tech videos to discover whether people are watching and supporting videos about your preferred gadgets. At the same time, your research should aim to reveal the brands in demand. 

Let’s say, you discover that people are watching and responding to Samsung tablet & headphone videos. Then it indicates a perfect match between the market demand and your interest. Accordingly, you find it easier to create video contents that get views and likes.

Follow and Learn From the Top Tech Content Creators

The one benefit of starting a tech channel on YouTube is that you can easily find the best tech YouTubers minting money from their content. Use search terms like “top tech channels on YouTube”, “best tech YouTubers”, and “top tech YouTubers in <country>”. Then click the links that sound interesting to you. Thus you can find the Youtubers/ channels to follow in your niche. 

Watch their videos to know how they talk about tech gadgets, what types of creative experiments they do, and the challenges they face. And, you get an idea of their tech channel monetization strategies too. Besides watching, you should make an effort to interact with them by leaving comments on their videos. 

Often the top YouTube creators like to interact with their audience, appreciate their creative comments and answer their queries. Such gestures can be helpful to a YouTuber who has started a new tech channel and needs some inspiration from the top creators. 

The one key point to remember in this regard is that you should refrain from leaving comments which sound too general and meaningless, like “great video!”, “Great job!” and the like.

Use The Right Strategies to Make Money From YouTube Tech Channel

How do you make money from the YouTube tech channel? Well, there are many monetization strategies that the top YouTubers adapt successfully. However, as a beginner, you can focus on 1-to 2 monetization methods rather than trying them all. 

The easiest route that you can take is to become a YouTube Partner and start monetizing your content. However, there’s a catch! You will be accepted as YouTube Partner only if you have at least 1,000 subscribers on YouTube or 4,000 hours of valid watch time in the last 12 months. Also, you need to be aware of the YouTube monetization policies.

If all these sound too complicated and unachievable, consider Amazon affiliate marketing to monetize your YouTube tech channel. The beauty of the Amazon associate program is that you can apply as a beginner, even with 100 subscribers. Besides Amazon, there are other affiliate networks that let you join without insisting on the number of subscribers or views. 

The affiliate marketing process is quite simple. You need to register for Amazon or any other network’s affiliate program. Then you can search and select suitable products that match your niche. After creating the video, you can share that product’s affiliate link in the description section. If someone purchases by clicking the link, you earn an affiliate commission.


Now that you have learned the tips to start a profitable tech channel on YouTube, it’s time to take action. Once you launch the Youtube tech channel, you will start learning which all tips and tricks work best for your channel. Initially, you might be overwhelmed by the stiff competition, but once you master your Youtube channel promotion strategies, you will find it easier to attract followers and buyers. 

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