Sun. Oct 1st, 2023

No matter how big or small a role your business is hiring for, it’s important to find the right person. While you may be tempted to rush the process and simply fill the vacancy as quickly as possible, you could be making a big mistake. 

There are lots of risks involved with hiring the wrong candidate for your company. So, no matter how urgently you need to find someone, it’s worth spending the time and money required to get the right person. 

Why it’s important to hire the right person

Training Costs

Every new employee will require training to get up to speed. By choosing a candidate with the best qualifications and abilities for the role, you can reduce time and money spent on training.

Take your time to save time

By investing time in the selection search, you can save money over the longer term. Waiting for the right candidate means you won’t be wasting resources looking for a replacement further down the line.

Improved productivity

Choosing the right candidate will give you have a hard working, well qualified employee who buys into what you are trying to achieve. The wrong candidate can be a drag on resources, take up other staff member’s time and energy and reduce morale

Hiring and firing

Hiring the wrong candidate will ultimately mean that somewhere down the road they will need to be fired. Nobody likes to tell people they are losing their job so make sure you get it right first time.

How to hire the best candidate for your business

As an interviewer you need to make sure that the chosen candidate is the right fit for your organisation. The problem is, it’s hard to know what a person’s truly like just by looking at a resume and asking a few questions.

Below we’ve rounded up some top recruitment tips to hire you hire the best person for your company. 

  1. Write a clear job description

In order to hire the best person for the role it’s important to know exactly what that person looks like in terms of skills, experience, qualifications etc. Without a clear job description, neither you nor the candidate will be sure they are right for the position.

  • Use a recruiter

The entire process from search to selection can be a lengthy procedure, taking you away from other tasks. By hiring a recruitment firm to help focus your search, you can save a lot of time and money.

  • Be conversational

A formal, rigid interview process does not provide a personal connection with prospective candidates. A more informal, conversational interview makes it easier to get to know the applicant and gives you a better idea of who they really are. They will also get a better feel for your company and know if it’s a good fit for them too. 

  • Creative tasks

References always look great on candidates resumes, that’s why they’re there, but can they really do the job? By asking a candidate to perform a relevant job task, such as a presentation or pitch, you will get to see their skills in action before you hire them.

  • The Future

You know what their experience is but how does that experience help them going forward? Discuss what the first year of the job will entail and ask how their previous roles will enable them to achieve the goals you set.

Making your choice

Once you’ve found the right candidate it’s important to have a plan ready to onboard them as smoothly as possible. There are automated onboarding tools available that make the whole process, including filling out relevant tax forms, as simple as possible.

By carefully planning these onboarding steps, new employees will have all the information and tools they need to quickly settle into their new roles. 

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