5 Tips Choosing China PCBA Manufacturer

December 20, 2018 0 By Anonymus

Often, an important quality issue source is PCBA or Printed Circuit Board Assembly—a necessity when executing any activity related to electronic product development. Therefore, it is critical to choose the best partner for this crucial operation of component-assembling onto PCB.  

When it comes to finding the right China PCBA manufacturer, RAY PCBA comes on top of on the list when it comes to quality you need to consider these five useful tips:  

  1.       Their Implemented Quality Inspection:

When it comes to manufacturing operation, quality control in China is imperative. On top of that, mostly there are 2-3 operations regarding quality control there. However, not every supplier ensures the implementation of all of them. Here is a brief description of all three of them:

  •         First and foremost, visual by human which includes observing visually for verification of appropriately soldered components.
  •         Secondly, there comes visual by a machine which is critical for the acceleration of the former visual process of quality control. What’s more, it also adds to the reliability of the product by incorporating Automated Optical Quality Control.
  •         Thirdly, there happens to be a performance of function test for the verification of the PCB whether its capable of functioning rightly or not.  
  1.       Facilitation of Minor Orders:

Prior to the establishment of any mass construction, you require making some PCBA prototype just as you manufacture some tinier production.

Notably, you require doing so prior to risking the establishment of an unstable product. For the accomplishment of this purpose, ensure whether the manufacturer you are approaching facilitates minor orders or not.    

  1.       Their Way of Applying Solder Paste:

When applied through the hand, an operator depositing solder paste can cause incorrect pad positioning of the deposit solder paste, as well as net solder paste slightly. Further, it can cause a short circuit.

So, get to know if it’s manufactured automatically with the help of a machine or manually?

This is due to the reason that there occur more human errors than machine errors. Therefore, using a PCB assembler with a semi-automatic or automatic machine is better.

To serve this purpose in the best of manner, you can rely which is a leading China PCBA manufacturer. You will find cutting edge PCB assembling, PCB prototype services and a lot more there.  

  1.       Qualification of the Personnel for Hand Placement:

At times, it becomes impossible to place a certain sort of components with the use of pick and place machine. In such a scenario, an operator has to do the manual placement of components on the PCB pad prior to reflowing.

If the case is so, ensure those operators are properly trained and they are able to work even for little components.

  1.       Their Way of Storing Material:

As a matter of fact, the Chinese environment is humid which also gets hot at times. Usually, the PCB or its components come with a vacuum sealing as well as the package includes silica gel for the removal of humidity. Wondering why? To prevent oxidation, which can deteriorate printed circuit board as well as components pads!

Therefore, ensure proper sealing of the package.




  • The first thing that is to be checked there is related to the pricing of the elements. To get the most cost-effective element for your use, you need to get through some of the portals and get the right help from the items. This will give you the essential view of the product and also about the pricing. Thus, when you go through them, you can easily find the exact products that will be cost effective or you. Check the usage of the PCBA too, so that you can match the quality with your need too. Ideally, when you go for the manufacturer, there is no doubt that you will find the right element at wholesale pricing, still research on the same will allow you to be in a better position as a buyer.
    • It should not be that you will be checking the pricing of the elements only. The most important thing that you need to check here is the accuracy of the PCBA. This can be ensured when you check the experience of the manufacturer in manufacturing the PCBA. Unless you get through that, you will not be at a good position to make the judgment about the right item. Hence, prioritize this concern and make the right decision.
    • The final thing that you must go through is the time of delivery of the items. While you are reaching a manufacturer, it is quite obvious that you will be ordering in bulk. So, the delivery timing is essential to be noted. While you check out the same, you can remain sure that you will be finding the items in the right time. Considering some delay in action, you can manipulate your timing of installation. However, for the big companies, the thing is totally different, as they remained dedicated at the orders and hence sticks to their commitments, all the time.
    • The final thing that you can give a concern is the research they put in the background of everything. It is the research element that decides how good and how innovative the items are and while that is taken into consideration by the manufacturer, it is obvious that you are going to get the exact item that you are looking for.
    You have gone through the item specifications and also went through the lookout features in the PCBA. The above four things are not like that you can choose any one of them. All the four things have to be present in the item and that is the thing that will make the thing perfect for you. Remember one thing that these items are for industrial use and hence you cannot ignore the chances of accidents. Hence, take care of that and then order the right item from the right company.



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