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You can hardly wait — it’s almost time for your first tarot card reading! You may be feeling a little nervous if you don’t know what to expect. It’s okay. Just relax, take a few deep breaths, and enjoy a reading from one of the top tarot readers.

Best Tarot Cards To Get

To find a tarot card reader, you might want to search for medium near me reviews. Here are just a few of the universally favorable cards those mediums might draw for you, all chosen from the Major Arcana: the first 21 cards of the tarot deck.

  1. The Star — It shows a naked woman pouring water out of both hands into a pool and onto the earth. She has one foot on the ground, representing her common sense and natural abilities, and the other foot in the water, suggesting her intuition. Behind her is one large star, indicating her core being, and seven smaller stars representing the seven chakras. The card indicates dreams becoming reality, good omens, and insight.
  2. The World — The card shows a naked woman wrapped in purple, dancing inside a laurel wreath. It has a cherub, an eagle, a bull, and a lion in the four corners, representing the four suits of the tarot, the four cardinal directions, and the four seasons. The card represents completion, success, fulfillment, and perfection.
  3. The Fool — It shows a young man at the beginning of a journey, with a white rose in one hand and a bundle in the other. A white dog sits at his feet symbolizing loyalty and protection. The Fool is ready to charge forward with enthusiasm and learn the lessons that are his to learn. The mountains behind him represent the challenges to come, but he doesn’t care about them, just about getting started on his merry way.
  4. Strength —This card shows a woman in white petting a lion, which she’s tamed with her inner wisdom and strength. She’s wearing flowers in her hair and around her waist, representing the full expression of nature. Over her head is the infinity symbol, signifying that her strength is infinite. The card symbolizes courage, conviction, action, confidence, and forging ahead to achieve victory.
  5. The Lovers — The card depicts a naked man and woman being blessed by the angel Raphael, who represents physical and emotional healing. Behind the woman is an apple tree with a snake in it, and behind the man is a tree in flames, with 12 separate fires representing the 12 zodiac symbols. The card symbolizes love, perfection, harmony, optimism, and freedom of emotion.

How To Reflect After Your Tarot Reading

After your reading, take time to consider the cards that were drawn for you. Think about the symbolism of the individual cards and the intertwining of the cards’ meanings. Consider the questions you had and how they were answered by the cards. For example, if you had a love psychic reading done, think about how your questions about your love life were answered. Journal about your reading, then reread that writing a day or two later to see what other revelations you’ve discovered about yourself.

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