5 steps to prevent children heat rash

5 steps to prevent children heat rash

March 15, 2021 0 By Rahul Pandey

Nothing ruins your child’s fun in hot weather like child heat rash! Heat rash can be a problem for your kid, inching, and discomfort while moving around. So here’s how you can deal with the condition without having to snatch all the fun from your kid and making them sit indoors all the time.

What causes child heat rash?

Heat rashes causes when the sweat gets trapped due to the sweat ducts on the skin are blocked preventing the skin from breathing. The tiny bumps form around red skin causes a prickly sensation. According to doctors, this condition is most common among kids since their sweat glands are not fully mature yet. The heat rash on the face is a rare thing as it usually develops on the armpits, elbows, and neck.

Some factors contribute to causing heat rash on the skin:

  • Intense physical workout or long play hours
  • Sleeping under layers of coverage
  • Humid and hot weather
  • Tight-fitting clothes or overdressing children

5 step heat rash remedy for kids:

React quickly, when you find a heat rash on your child’s skin to start the cooling process. Although rashes are not painful, they are itchy and irritating for everyone. Also, they can become a bacteria growing spot if you ignore them, causing bigger problems in the future. Here’s how to deal with child heat rash:

  1. Get out of the heat

Direct sun and humid environment can accelerate heat rash, so turn the surrounding temperature down by switching the air-conditioning or fan in the room. Young kids love to play on the ground, not realizing the negative impact of the sun. Make sure your child goes out to play once the sun has gone down.

  1. Use a damp washcloth

Use a damp and cool washcloth to remove body oil and sweat from the skin. This helps to dry off any excess moisture preventing the skin from getting rashes.

  1. Time for a bath

Is the child still uncomfortable? How about going for bath time? Most doctors recommend bath as a cooling technique by just running water on the skin without using soap to avoid blocking pores. Let the child air-dry instead of rubbing the towel against his/her skin.

  1. Dress in light clothing

Dress your kid according to the outside temperature. Light clothing made out of natural fibers – cotton hemp – allows the air to pass through, thus making it possible for the skin to breathe. Light summer colors like yellow and orange don’t trap heat within its layer, allowing the air to circulate between the fibers of the cloth.

  1. Skip the lotion

In most summer advertisements, you will see the mother applying soothing lotion to the child’s skin. But it is better to resist it as some kids might also be an allergen to certain chemicals found in cool compresses. If you want to help with instant relief from itchiness, contact a doctor before applying cream or lotion in affected areas to find the best suitable one for your kid.

The situation in where to seek doctor’s help:

If things don’t go right after following the heat rash remedy for kids a couple of days instead it worsens, or you see a sign of infection, call your pediatrician. Check for the below signs of infection, if any, seek medical help:

  • Chills or fever.
  • Blisters or scabs.
  • Swollen lymph nodes in the neck, armpit, or any other affected area.
  • Swelling, pain, redness, or warmth around the affected area.
  • Pus draining from the lesions.


Since the weather is becoming hotter and hotter day by day, it better if we take the pre-cautionary advice to prevent the child from getting heat rashes. Typically, if a skin rash develops on one’s skin, it clears up in a few days’ time by itself, leaving no mark on the skin.

Observing the temperature outside, dress your child in breathable, cotton fabric that allows the air to circulate between the cloth layers. Thus, making the sweat evaporate and consequently keeping the child’s skin dry and cool. Note that your child remains hydrated throughout the day by taking the necessary amount of fluids. Happy summer or view more tips here!

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